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Cycle Of The Worgen

July 30, 2009

As I’m sure everyone has heard by now MMO-Champion has discovered what they think will be the two new playable races in the next expansion. The goblins and the worgen. Now one of them has me excited and the other one I could care less about.

I have seen and killed enough goblins to last me several life times. Everyone thinks Gnomes are the roaches of Azaroth, they are dead wrong. It’s goblins. Everywhere you turn you see the little green blood suckers, with there big ears and pointy teeth, and high pitched voices… Ugh. Thanks, but no thanks.

Now the worgen are a different story. I have have always enjoyed a good werewolf movie, or story, or game. I love how the models for them have progressed from the first time I saw one in Duskwood to the ones lumbering around Northrend. I love how they have made them look, and feel, and move. So, yes if they do let us play worgen, I will definitely be leveling one up as fast as I can.

Now if we do get worgen, what classes would they have to choose from. Lets take a look at a break down of the different classes.

     Death Knight: Hmmmm yes I can see worgen getting this class, seeing as everyone else does. However I do see a problem with every single worgen being a DK to skip the first 54 levels….
     Druid: Nope, I don’t see them having this class. Druids shape shift into different forms and worgen are already humans who have been cursed into a different shape.
     Hunter: Yes. Lets see, a wolf like creature that would already have a great sense of tracking, and knowledge of the wilderness. Plus how cool would it be to be a wolf man with a wolf pet named Jr.
     Mage: Yep. The magic that has twisted them into the worgen could enhance any pre-existing powers.
     Paladin: Nope. The evil curse that them worgen would have purged the light from them would keep them from being pallies.
     Priest: Nope See the pallies for why.
     Rogue:  Definitely.  A sleek lupine form skulking through the shadows? What could be more roguish than that?
     Shaman: Hmmmm. I’m torn over this one. On the one hand I can see why they would get shammies. Being more primal and animalistic in nature now they would be that much closer to the primitive  elemental feel of shammies. Now on the other hand I can see why they wouldn’t get shammies either. They have been corrupted and cursed, and its debatable if the nature spirits that the totems represent would tolerate them.
     Warlock: Hmmm a cursed race using a class that can curse others and use shadow magic… Yup  I can see this happening.
     Warrior: Yes. The savage ripping claws and slavering jaws snapping sending spittle flying… Yes, definitely warriors.

Now in my last post I wrote how the RNG hates me, and how I blew almost all my DKP on my 8.5 BP. I also said that next week (which is this week), that either the gun or bow or both would drop; the Cindershard ring would drop from Iggy: and the cloak from Council would drop. Well as of Wed. afternoon, Kolo dropped his gun, Gratz Thalen. 🙂 Cat Lady still won’t give up her bow.  From there we headed back to Iggy and Razor. Of course Iggy drops the Cindershard ring also. Gratz Erixi on the ring :). Now to see if I’m right on the cloak dropping from Council tonight also lol. So until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


The RNG Is Not My Friend

July 26, 2009

I came to the conclusion that the RNG hates me. We’ve been farming Kolo since June 2nd, and only 1 gun has dropped, the one that Wife won. We’ve been downing cat lady since June 27th. That’s right another week and still no gun or bow.

Then there’s that hidden luck factor… You know the one I’m talking about. The one that was created without you seeing it when you create your toon. I know mine has to be below 10 out of 9000…

However, after Thursday night things finally changed for me. we dropped Ignius, Iron Council, and Hodir again. That brought me up to the magic number of badges 58… Yep I can finally go and buy my 8.5 helm :).  Not only did I get the last 3 badges I needed, the 8.5 chest piece dropped from Hodir’s chest. I…I…spent almost all my DKP last night, but it was worth it. That’s right I went from having no 8.5  to having 2 pieces in one night. Hey maybe, just maybe the RNG has finally decided to be a little bit nicer to me.






Now I am just about out of DKP, this means that the gun or bow is guaranteed to drop this week, along with the ring from Iggy and the cloak for Council and I won’t have the points to win anything, not because of the RNG but because of the hidden luck factor.

Now I have a confession to make about last night. I didn’t stay BM for the whole fight. After several failed attempts against Hodir, I switch to a MM spec. The worst part about being a BM hunter on Hodir’s fight is the switching of targets. Even with using Devilicious instead of Sushi, it wasn’t enough. I tried to just leave Dev on Hodir while I worked on freeing the trapped npcs, but it was to great of a hit to my dps.

So I did what a responsible hunter would do, I swallowed my pride and I switched specs. Now the next thing I needed to figure out was which pet I was going to bring.

You see I have all the stable slots filled, but I only have 2 level 80 pets, and they’re both the exotic type.So they let me with 3 pets to choose from. Mock the turtle who’s 79, BlackFlag who’s 78, and finally the newest member of the family Shadowfang the wolf who’s only 75. Who’d I end up taking? Mock? Nope, he’s a tenacity pet. BlackFlag? Almost, but people hate big flappy pets. So I ended up taking Shadowfang. Even though he’s the lowest level pet, I brought him along for the furious howl buff. I ended up just having him nom a little on Hodir because he’s such a low level for this fight. It ended up working better that way as it seemed we were able to free up the npc faster and get back to Hodir faster. Good thing I forgot to reglyph after my MM spec test. The biggest problem I had was getting used to where my buttons were and getting the MM shot rotation down again.
So all in all it ended up being a good week for us in Duranub. I must admit I am digging the look of the scourgestalker helmet with the rebreather on it. So until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

The Last Week In Ulduar

July 12, 2009

I know, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve made a post, but time has not been my friend as of late. Between work, doc appointments, honey-do lists and general all around craziness I haven’t had much time to play or write.

We did have a very good week in Ulduar this week though. on Tuesday we downed FL, Razor, and XT in one try, and Bel FINALLY got his Titans Guard =). Koro gave us a small hassle, but we don’t him in 2 or 3 tries. Sigh still no gun… maybe the cat lady will be nice to me :).

We finally seem to have the cat lady’s pull down cold. We 2 shotted her on Tuesday! So far its the farthest we’ve done on a single progression night. I’m beginning to think that Kolo and the cat lady are conspiring against me. Once again neither one wants to give me a new :(.

Then we came to Thursday. That’s right our first shots at the guardians in 25 man. First up Hodir. Trash was easy, what can I say the hardest part of the trash was when someone went the wrong way and agrro’d 2 mounds of worms that we had skipped lol. 

Hodir is a fun fight. Hodir is a very active fight. Hodir debuff makes this a very hunter unfriendly fight. you see for every second you stand still you get a stacking debuff where you take more and more frost damage. To get rid of the debuff you have to run for as many seconds as you stood still. So if you stood there for 5 seconds of debuff, you will have to move for the next 5 seconds. The only way to avoid the debuff is to find a nice cozy fire and plant yourself beside it. Oh did I mention that even then standing in one place can be dangerous? Big icicles keep falling on the ground where people are standing.

The one good thing about this fight is that pets are unaffected by flash freeze, so you can just let them nom away on Hodir the whole time.

3 times. That’s right we downed him on the 3rd time. I also found out something very interesting umm after Hodir vanishes, keep moving, till the debuff drops off and watch out for any icicles… you’ll die very fast and painfully lol. Our first night working on Hodir and we bring him down very fast and easy. The 8.5 bp dropped and I was out bid, so no new toys this week either bah.


After that we paid  igpenis and council a lil visit also. So Freya this is your last warning, Duranub is looking at you pork chop and we’re hungry for ya. so until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

Beast Master’s Declaration Of Independence

July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day all. Sorry about not getting anything up sooner, I wasn’t able to make the raid on Thursday so I won’t be doing a play by play today. Instead I’m going to do a declaration of independence for BM hunters everywhere.

We the BM hunters hold these truths to be self evident, that our spec was not always the greatest. When it was the spec de jour, there were one too many huntards who gave us all a bad name and rep.

We know we rely more heavily on our pets than our MM and SV brothers and sisters.

We are a different breed as we reveal in the synergy of the bond between hunter and pet.

We feel the rush of speed, grace, and power be it through the haste bonus of serpents swiftness or bestial wrath.

With our enhanced pets we can see the damage done, and how much of a difference 4 talent points for our pet makes.

We are tired of every troll on the forum telling us to L2DK LAWLZ. Get a grip kid, when you are willing to pony up $15 a month to pay for my WoW subscription, along with every other BM’s account… Till then STFU about my spec and quit telling me how to play and what to play. Go back to your little ret pally and DK thinking you can crush me on the meters.

Ya know, I remember when all pallies did was heal, cleanse, buff and rez.

At one point or another all classes and specs become the flavor de jour, and you get laughed at if you aren’t that spec. I remember back in vanilla WoW, when the main spec was a straight MM spec for PVE content. I never liked that and went for a hybrid 0/21/30 spec, and I did great on the meters.

I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s time to declare our independence from the shackles of what others think we should be. We have the right to choose what spec we want, what class we want, and what pet we want to use. There is no right class spec combo, and there is no wrong class spec combo. Every class/spec combo has its place and its moment to be the spec de jour. For example, I’ve seen several different mages with the same spec end up scattered all over the meters. A lot of how well a player performs comes from the player and not the spec.

Something else that I’ve noticed more and more is when people are looking for more for their raid/group is they have changed what they want you to send them. I remember when it was just what your class was, which made sense so you didn’t have as many conflicts when it came loot time. Then when WoTLK came out people started asking for what your stats were. Ok, I guess that would give you an idea of what they were like, I mean you don’t want your tank to have a low stamina and a low defense. Recently I’ve seen them starting to ask for your spec also. Great here we go again, so you think you can tell what kind of player I am because of my spec? Hey here’s an idea go to the armory and look me up. Not only will you get to see my spec, but you can check out my gear so you can see that yes, even though I’m a BM hunter I know what the H3ll I’m doing and yes I would add quiet a chunk of DPS to your raid. If you don’t like that fine. If you’re willing to give me a chance, I think that you’d be pleasantly surprised to see a well played BM hunter in action.

These rights aren’t free though. They come with a sacred duty to do more than just spam steady shot or a macro. We must know to use all of our shots. That’s right, use arcane, aimer or multishot, stings and of course kill shot. We must be glyphed properly to take advantage of all of our shots. Now yes I do use one macro, it combines both steady shot and kill command into one button. I use this macro because of space issues. Too many buttons and not enough space on my hot bars. Using macros to save on space is fine. Making a macro that contains your entire shot rotation isn’t fine.

If you can remember these few things we will start a revolution that change the way we are not only played, but also how we are seen. Don’t forget any of this, and don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

Tons Of Fun In Ulduar

July 1, 2009

What can I say, I got a lot done and we had good night in Duranub on Tuesday. I finally finished the Fire Festival achievements and started Wife on her Fire Festival achievements. By the end of the night I had finished up 2 more achievements that I had been working on, and didn’t die on FL this either :).

achievs 6-30

We’re still having some problems on Kolo, and we wiped a few times before we downed him. It seems that some people are still having a problem knowing where not to stand. We keep the back half of the room clear for kiting the eye beams. It’s really not that hard to know where you should and shouldn’t be, just look for the hunters. That’s right, in front of me and Thalen is win, behind us is fail. After a few wipes people started to realize this and whamo Kolo ended up as big pile of rubble. Lo and behold once again the gun didn’t drop, but a trinket did. That’s right, the pretty little rock called the Wrathstone. With winning that I was finally able to finish up the epic achievement.


We took a few shots at cat lady and got her down to around 50%. We’re still having an issue with the pull and getting the defender under control. If everything goes right on Thursday, she’ll be down an drop her bow and we’ll start working on  Hodir.

As far as how well did I do on the meters? Pretty good actually, once again I swapped out Sushi for Devilicious on cat lady to make it easier on everyone. I’m also getting closer to sustaining 4k+ dps, and with the new trinket it should get that much easier.

meters 6-30

So until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t dun out of ammo.

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