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The End of an Age

November 24, 2010

Finally peace and quiet. Gweninu thought to herself.
After all of the horror and shed of Northrend it was over. Duranub was no more, the company had disbanded shortly after the war, and many of the members had decided to make House Stalwart their new home.
Gweninu slowly stirred the coals of the cooking fire beside the old standing stones in Ashenvale. Since coming back she had felt a need to keep a distance from others, and had chosen this secluded location. As she looked over at her friends, though some would call them her pets, she felt a smile cross her lips. She preferred the company of beasts and animals to those of other people.
She frowned slightly at some of the stories she had heard from travelers passing through the woods. Tales of doomsday cults, and rogue elementals were becoming more common and disturbing. Fear was taking over the world again. She had felt some of tremors even in Ashenvale. She had started to sense an unrest in the forest recently also. The lakes were no longer calm, and the winds had started howling like an angry wounded beast. She found herself wondering more and more about her friends in Stormwind and Ironforge.
Soon she thought, soon she would take the long boat across the great sea, and check on them. But for now, she would rest.
Sleep didn’t come easy these days. Twisted dreams of fire and destruction were the norm. Gwen wasn’t the only who was suffering from this. All of her friends, Sushi, Devilicious, Mock and the rest were showing signs of unease. Tomorrow, tomorrow they would head to the Eastern Kingdoms to meet up with the others from House Stalwart.
Gweninu was awoken by an awful sound. In the distance there was an unusually bright light. The ground shook and trembled, sending trees, rocks, flying; along Gwen and her companions.
Then she saw it.
Death had come for them all.
Deathwing had returned.

Slowly and painfully she opened her eyes. How long had she been out? Every part of her body shrieked in burning agony. She slowly and painfully looked around for her scattered gear and pets. She called for them using coos, barks, clicks, growls, and a variety of whistles. One by one every one of them slowly made their way through the destruction back to her. With a steely resolve, she reached in to a pouch and brought forth a pinch of dust from Ulduar, and threw it skyward. With a cry the celestial steed flew down to her. She patted the beast’s flank and then took off at a wild gallop to reach Auberdine, and to book passage to Stormwind as fast as possible.
After several hours of hard travel, she had finally made it to Auberdine, or at least what remained of the once tranquil port village. Now all that was left were the twisted remains of the docks, and a few broken bodies. Despair rushed through at the carnage and total decimation of it all as she sunk to her knees.
Her hearthstone.
Where in Elune’s name had she put the damn thing. She hadn’t changed it’s location from Dalaran yet. If she could get there, she could take the portal to Stormwind. After several minutes of searching she found it, and immediately started the activation sequence. The flash of light from the stone was a welcomed comfort. She opened her eyes to an agitated frenzy the likes of which she had never seen in the city before. She ran as fast as she could, taking on the aspect of a cheetah.
Several minutes later she made it to the portal area, and stopped suddenly. Gone. They were all gone, not a single portal was left. The city’s mages who were in charge of keeping them open were at a loss to explain why they couldn’t get them reopened. She knew she would need to find a mage to get her fast, otherwise she would be stuck flying out to the Valiance Keep and hoping a boat would come quickly. After what felt like an eternity, she finally found a mage, who hadn’t passed out from exhaustion yet, and was “willing” to send her to Stormwind for a fee.
The minute she set foot out of the mage tower, she landed in chaos. No, not chaos, hell was more accurate description. Once again she called her ethereal mount, and took off at a full gallop towards the park, where there the fires seemed to be the brightest. As she charged through the archway leading up to the park, she came to a screeching halt. Nearly plunging to her .
The park was gone. All that remained was a few charred pieces of wood and stone. Now the park was a drop straight down to the raging ocean below. wing had lashed out and wiped out the park as a show of force to the Alliance. As she peered down the jagged cliffs searching for any sign of life. There was none, not a single living thing had survived.
Staying there was pointless. The could be mourned for after the living were saved. Seconds turned in to minutes. Minutes turned in to hours. Hours turned in to day. Time felt like it had stopped moving. Gweninu and her animal companions moved through the ruined city working as a team to free, and rescue, trapped survivors. Blackflag flew high, looking in windows and on roofs for survivors to fly to safety if he could. Those that he wasn’t able to were dragged to safety by Sushi, who was able mend and help sooth shattered and broken souls. Survivors clinging to debris in the canals were ferried to docks and waiting hands by the turtle’s strong shell. Devilicious, Spot, and Mezcal were digging, and clearing rubble from buildings searching for any signs of life. Gwen would then help carry anyone who wasn’t able to get to the triage stations by themselves.
Some hours later, she lost track of time, everything turned in to a blur she didn’t know what to think, all she knew was pain.
How much time had past? Was it all just a terrible nightmare? No. No, it was real. No one was sure how many had died that day. The world had been attacked. flew through the sky on giant leathery wings of fire that dark day. Stories were coming in from every corner of Azeroth telling the tales of woe, dread, , and destruction. But mixed in with all of these horrors, were tales of hope. Tales of people banding together, despite their differences, to help others.
Now was a time to heal. Now was the time to consolidate and prepare. Soon, the time would come, Gweninu thought, to act. Soon wing would pay for what he done.
Until that time came, there were others that needed help…


Good Night World

November 22, 2010

So, tonight is the last night of Azeroth as we know it. I’m gonna miss the old world, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye the way I wanted too.

So I had 2 songs start to run through my head today as I was sitting in work. I think I’ll leave you with them.

First off a lil bit of Pink Floyd:
“Goodbye cruel world
I’m leaving you today
Ain’t never gonna change my mind. Goodbye.”

Secondly, something a little something lighter, Weird Al’s Christmas At Ground Zero:
“What a crazy fluke
We’re gonna get nuked
On this joyous holiday.”

So until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

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