The Last Week In Ulduar

I know, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve made a post, but time has not been my friend as of late. Between work, doc appointments, honey-do lists and general all around craziness I haven’t had much time to play or write.

We did have a very good week in Ulduar this week though. on Tuesday we downed FL, Razor, and XT in one try, and Bel FINALLY got his Titans Guard =). Koro gave us a small hassle, but we don’t him in 2 or 3 tries. Sigh still no gun… maybe the cat lady will be nice to me :).

We finally seem to have the cat lady’s pull down cold. We 2 shotted her on Tuesday! So far its the farthest we’ve done on a single progression night. I’m beginning to think that Kolo and the cat lady are conspiring against me. Once again neither one wants to give me a new :(.

Then we came to Thursday. That’s right our first shots at the guardians in 25 man. First up Hodir. Trash was easy, what can I say the hardest part of the trash was when someone went the wrong way and agrro’d 2 mounds of worms that we had skipped lol. 

Hodir is a fun fight. Hodir is a very active fight. Hodir debuff makes this a very hunter unfriendly fight. you see for every second you stand still you get a stacking debuff where you take more and more frost damage. To get rid of the debuff you have to run for as many seconds as you stood still. So if you stood there for 5 seconds of debuff, you will have to move for the next 5 seconds. The only way to avoid the debuff is to find a nice cozy fire and plant yourself beside it. Oh did I mention that even then standing in one place can be dangerous? Big icicles keep falling on the ground where people are standing.

The one good thing about this fight is that pets are unaffected by flash freeze, so you can just let them nom away on Hodir the whole time.

3 times. That’s right we downed him on the 3rd time. I also found out something very interesting umm after Hodir vanishes, keep moving, till the debuff drops off and watch out for any icicles… you’ll die very fast and painfully lol. Our first night working on Hodir and we bring him down very fast and easy. The 8.5 bp dropped and I was out bid, so no new toys this week either bah.


After that we paid  igpenis and council a lil visit also. So Freya this is your last warning, Duranub is looking at you pork chop and we’re hungry for ya. so until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

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