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Big Changes In Our Future

September 15, 2009

Ghostcrawler: Hey beast master hunters…
Beast master hunters: Yes GC?
Ghostcrawler: Got a riddle for you mwahaha
Beast master hunters: <shudders> OK…
Ghostcrawler: When is a nerf not a nerf?
Beast master Hunters:…
Beast master Hunters:… bwah?
Beast master Hunters:…
Ghostcrawler: When we make changes Beastial Wrath and The Beast Within LOL
Beast master hunters: <Flies into a fit of nerd rage> AAARRRGGGHHHH, WHERES MY PONY! YOU PROMISED ME A PONY!!



Beast Mastery
The Beast Within: The duration of this talent has been reduced to 10 seconds. In addition, hunters with this talent will do 10% additional damage at all times.

Bestial Wrath: The duration of this talent has been reduced to 10 seconds.

Yes, Bestial Wrath and the boost from The Beast Within will now last for only 10 seconds, down from 18 seconds. That’s the nerf in GC’s joke. The Beast Within will now INCREASE the hunter’s damage by 10% at all times. That’s definitely not a nerf. Now when I first read this,I also most flew into a fit of nerd rage. The signature talents for beast master hunters, our biggest boost in DPS and mana conservation cut almost in half?? WOW you really DO hate beast master hunters…

Then I went back and reread it a second time and a third time. I started to think about it, and let it sink in. Yes the 50%pet damage is gonna get smacked down hard. Yes our 10% damage boost and 20% mana reduction is going to be cut back. But, we will be receiving a 10% damage boost ALL the time… When we pop Bestial Wrath, we will still be getting the 10% boost and 20% reduction. It’s not looking to bad now is it. Our overall DPS will be boosted, therefore bringing us more in line with marksman’s and survival’s DPS. Well this along with the changes to armor penetration, needs to be checked out farther. So, it’s off to the PTR to do some testing to see how the changes are looking to BM and MM. I will let you guys know the results.

So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


Random Synapsical Misfires…

September 8, 2009

I came to the conclusion Tuesday night that Blizzard still hates us on the Ruin battle group. Tuesday’s "extended" maintenance was all the proof we really needed. Seriously… 3 am EST till after 9 PM EST? Wow… The bad part, yes the 18 hours of down time wasn’t the bad part, was people were STILL having to fight the door boss. Ah well…
Recently I have been playing around with a MM spec for raiding. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be one of the last BM specc’d raiders out there. But in all fairness, MM is turning out to be a fun spec. All I’m saying is there’s just something about seeing Chimera shot crit for almost 15k, that makes me giggle like a school girl. In truth though, I started speccing into while we were working on Hodir. I wasn’t able to burn down the ice blocks and switch back to Hodir fast enough as a BM spec. So I built my MM spec, went to Ramparts to get an armored wolf, and I’ve been working on an armor pen build for my MM spec. Now all I have to do is finish getting Shadowfang to 80 so I can keep using him as a BM hunter till I can grab Sushi or Devilicous out of the stables again.

The other "big" thing that I’ve been doing recently is leveling my DK Daikiaju. Going from a ranged class to an OP’d melee class has been quiet the change. I mean first off I can see the mobs close up lol. I have to say that the heirloom items definitely make leveling even faster and more enjoyable.

The big problem that I’m starting to run into though is gold, or more exactly the lack there of. Good god, I forgot just how much it cost to learn new skills. Not only that, but getting the money for flying lessons… UGH… too much gold… I need to start being more consistent with running my dailies again. The other big money sinks, yes sinks not sink, is my trade skills. I need to finish getting Daikaiju’s engineering up high enough to make mammoth cutters. Ummm yeah he’s still not high enough to make BC items yet… yeah that’s gonna hurt the wallet. The other gold sink is Gwen’s alchemy skills.  Right now I’m around 425, also known as the "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN ONLY DO TRANMUTES OR MAKE FLASKS THAT USE 4 FROST LOTUS EACH???" Sorry bout that, but that was kinda my reaction. I’m pushing to hit 435 soon I hope. I know, why 435 and not 450? Well at 435 I can make flasks of endless rage. =D

So until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo…or gold. 😉

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