Tons Of Fun In Ulduar

What can I say, I got a lot done and we had good night in Duranub on Tuesday. I finally finished the Fire Festival achievements and started Wife on her Fire Festival achievements. By the end of the night I had finished up 2 more achievements that I had been working on, and didn’t die on FL this either :).

achievs 6-30

We’re still having some problems on Kolo, and we wiped a few times before we downed him. It seems that some people are still having a problem knowing where not to stand. We keep the back half of the room clear for kiting the eye beams. It’s really not that hard to know where you should and shouldn’t be, just look for the hunters. That’s right, in front of me and Thalen is win, behind us is fail. After a few wipes people started to realize this and whamo Kolo ended up as big pile of rubble. Lo and behold once again the gun didn’t drop, but a trinket did. That’s right, the pretty little rock called the Wrathstone. With winning that I was finally able to finish up the epic achievement.


We took a few shots at cat lady and got her down to around 50%. We’re still having an issue with the pull and getting the defender under control. If everything goes right on Thursday, she’ll be down an drop her bow and we’ll start working on  Hodir.

As far as how well did I do on the meters? Pretty good actually, once again I swapped out Sushi for Devilicious on cat lady to make it easier on everyone. I’m also getting closer to sustaining 4k+ dps, and with the new trinket it should get that much easier.

meters 6-30

So until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t dun out of ammo.


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