Cycle Of The Worgen

As I’m sure everyone has heard by now MMO-Champion has discovered what they think will be the two new playable races in the next expansion. The goblins and the worgen. Now one of them has me excited and the other one I could care less about.

I have seen and killed enough goblins to last me several life times. Everyone thinks Gnomes are the roaches of Azaroth, they are dead wrong. It’s goblins. Everywhere you turn you see the little green blood suckers, with there big ears and pointy teeth, and high pitched voices… Ugh. Thanks, but no thanks.

Now the worgen are a different story. I have have always enjoyed a good werewolf movie, or story, or game. I love how the models for them have progressed from the first time I saw one in Duskwood to the ones lumbering around Northrend. I love how they have made them look, and feel, and move. So, yes if they do let us play worgen, I will definitely be leveling one up as fast as I can.

Now if we do get worgen, what classes would they have to choose from. Lets take a look at a break down of the different classes.

     Death Knight: Hmmmm yes I can see worgen getting this class, seeing as everyone else does. However I do see a problem with every single worgen being a DK to skip the first 54 levels….
     Druid: Nope, I don’t see them having this class. Druids shape shift into different forms and worgen are already humans who have been cursed into a different shape.
     Hunter: Yes. Lets see, a wolf like creature that would already have a great sense of tracking, and knowledge of the wilderness. Plus how cool would it be to be a wolf man with a wolf pet named Jr.
     Mage: Yep. The magic that has twisted them into the worgen could enhance any pre-existing powers.
     Paladin: Nope. The evil curse that them worgen would have purged the light from them would keep them from being pallies.
     Priest: Nope See the pallies for why.
     Rogue:  Definitely.  A sleek lupine form skulking through the shadows? What could be more roguish than that?
     Shaman: Hmmmm. I’m torn over this one. On the one hand I can see why they would get shammies. Being more primal and animalistic in nature now they would be that much closer to the primitive  elemental feel of shammies. Now on the other hand I can see why they wouldn’t get shammies either. They have been corrupted and cursed, and its debatable if the nature spirits that the totems represent would tolerate them.
     Warlock: Hmmm a cursed race using a class that can curse others and use shadow magic… Yup  I can see this happening.
     Warrior: Yes. The savage ripping claws and slavering jaws snapping sending spittle flying… Yes, definitely warriors.

Now in my last post I wrote how the RNG hates me, and how I blew almost all my DKP on my 8.5 BP. I also said that next week (which is this week), that either the gun or bow or both would drop; the Cindershard ring would drop from Iggy: and the cloak from Council would drop. Well as of Wed. afternoon, Kolo dropped his gun, Gratz Thalen. 🙂 Cat Lady still won’t give up her bow.  From there we headed back to Iggy and Razor. Of course Iggy drops the Cindershard ring also. Gratz Erixi on the ring :). Now to see if I’m right on the cloak dropping from Council tonight also lol. So until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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