Hi my name is David, and I guess I should tell all of you wonderful people a little bit about myself seeing as you’ve been so kind (or at least so gullible) as to stop by and read my rants, grumbles, happy moments and not so happy moment.

I’m 37 and happily married to a wonderful woman named Mary. We have 2 wonderful kids. Everyone in our family is a gamer, and is either currently playing Rift or have played WoW.

Everyone starts out at one point or playing some form of game in one form or another. I started out gaming with good old Dungeons & Dragons waaaay back in 1st grade. Not long after that i got my first taste of console gaming on my grand old Atari 2600. After that I moved from there to the NES and fell in love with Final Fantasy and got hooked on console role playing games. From there I graduated to the Super Nintendo and the Playstation. Later on I went back to table top gaming with Shadow Run and Warhammer 40K. From there it progressed to Magic: The Gathering and Might and Magic. Around that time I met my wife to be, who was also a gamer!

I’ve always like the pet classes, and I’ve played one in every game I’ve played. In Rift, Trion gave us more pet classes than I can remember in any other game. So I has to choose. Do I write about just the ranger soul? What about the Beastmaster soul? Do I ignore the caster pets? I couldn’t do that. So I decided to change Out of Ammo from a WoW hunter blog, to a Rift pet class blog that would cover as much of the pet classes as I could.

Currently we are in Eye of the Manastorm on Shadefallen. EotM is made up of people from HS, and friends from other games as well. We are a close knit guild that focuses on playing together as a team. You can find me on either of my 2 mains, Fuzzbaal the ranger, and Daikaiju the beastmaster.

Now some of you might be wondering why I played a female night elf named Gweninu. Well this is actually the 3rd version of Gweninu. The first version was a ranger way back in Ever Quest. The Wife had created Gwen while I was at work and seeing as we had one computer and dial up we ended up sharing the toon and learning to have two people play one character at the same time lol. From there we went to Gweninu version 2.0 (also a ranger) in Ever Quest 2 for a short time. Finally we started playing WoW and created the final and most recent version Gweninu version 3.0. I also played City of Heroes for a while, fun game but it didn’t hold my attention for long.

The WoW Toon

When the Wife and I first started playing WoW we had to agreed on what kind of character we would want to play. It was actually kinda easy, we had played a ranger in EQ 1 and 2 an both had liked playing rangers in D&D, so the obvious choice would be a hunter.

We started raiding not long after hitting 60. A paladin in Ironforge was looking to start a raid group for Molten Core and was talking about it the old LFG channel. After about a week or so he sent us a tell saying there was a group looking for more for their MC raid and wanted to know if we were interested. We said yes and that was how we started raiding with No Such Raid. We ran with NSR through MC, BWL, AQ20, AQ40, Kara, Gruuls, Mags, SSC and TK before NSR broke up.

Not long after that Duranub formed from the remains of NSR and several members of LNR. From there we finished SSC and started raiding in Wraith and are currently working our way through Ulduar having a blast as we go.

A Little Bit About Me From House Stalwart

This is lifted straight from the House Stawart’s web site, its a little bit old but sums it up pretty good 🙂


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Inscrutibob Says:

    Just a couple of editorial comments about your site:

    Your email link in the sidebar doesn’t work. There’s either an extra quotation mark, or a missing quotation mark…

    The style you use for your post headings is the same as the style you use when you have a number of sub-headings in a post. It would be clearer if you made the sub-heads different (smaller).

    Otherwise, I’ll be back. Thanks for writing.

    • gweninu Says:

      Thanks for input. I did find an extra quotation mark, and I’ll try to make the sub headings different. 🙂

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