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Just Frackin Peachy

August 28, 2011

Warning!!! Warning!!! Nongaming rant ahead!! Read it if you want…. You have been warned….
Ok this week has been just craptacular. I live in Delaware, and let’s recap. A 5.9 earthquake. A hurricane. Tornados. No power since 8:30 last night. Flooding. A neighbor who’s been running a loud as shit generator since 11:00 last night.
Screw it, this week has sucked like no other week has sucked before. Screw it, I’m going back to sleep.



August 23, 2011

Holy crap the whole freaking building at work just started shaking. We just had some kinda earthquake here in Delaware. It kinda freaked me the hell out.

Come Rifting with Ascend-a-Friend

August 23, 2011

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I Like Turtles

August 22, 2011

1.4 is under way, and I hope everyone is busy getting all the tears and quintessences they need to get for the mount and the gear. Now as far as the gear goes, well I’m not really that impressed. The rogue mace is ok, but the bow, that’s a different story. The epic bow is the only thing better than the gun I got from Waves of Madness event. The problem is, the cost of that bow is 20, yes 20 source stones in addition to 2000 tears! Ugh. I think I have 4 of the stones, and I need 500 for the new pet Gil, and another 500 for the glowy stone thingie for my set of glowy items. Even with running all three dailies, and mote hunting, that’s going to take 3000 more tears, in addition to the 16 more stones I would need.
However, I do have some good news. I have finally finished getting all the dragon quintessences that I needed to get my Mossy Taragon. All I can say is I love the colors on the turtle. It’s got this greenish black and yellowish mottled shell, just like the box turtles I used to find when I was a kid. It looks awesome, and has replaced my mecha-horse as my main mount.
So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

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