The RNG Is Not My Friend

I came to the conclusion that the RNG hates me. We’ve been farming Kolo since June 2nd, and only 1 gun has dropped, the one that Wife won. We’ve been downing cat lady since June 27th. That’s right another week and still no gun or bow.

Then there’s that hidden luck factor… You know the one I’m talking about. The one that was created without you seeing it when you create your toon. I know mine has to be below 10 out of 9000…

However, after Thursday night things finally changed for me. we dropped Ignius, Iron Council, and Hodir again. That brought me up to the magic number of badges 58… Yep I can finally go and buy my 8.5 helm :).  Not only did I get the last 3 badges I needed, the 8.5 chest piece dropped from Hodir’s chest. I…I…spent almost all my DKP last night, but it was worth it. That’s right I went from having no 8.5  to having 2 pieces in one night. Hey maybe, just maybe the RNG has finally decided to be a little bit nicer to me.






Now I am just about out of DKP, this means that the gun or bow is guaranteed to drop this week, along with the ring from Iggy and the cloak for Council and I won’t have the points to win anything, not because of the RNG but because of the hidden luck factor.

Now I have a confession to make about last night. I didn’t stay BM for the whole fight. After several failed attempts against Hodir, I switch to a MM spec. The worst part about being a BM hunter on Hodir’s fight is the switching of targets. Even with using Devilicious instead of Sushi, it wasn’t enough. I tried to just leave Dev on Hodir while I worked on freeing the trapped npcs, but it was to great of a hit to my dps.

So I did what a responsible hunter would do, I swallowed my pride and I switched specs. Now the next thing I needed to figure out was which pet I was going to bring.

You see I have all the stable slots filled, but I only have 2 level 80 pets, and they’re both the exotic type.So they let me with 3 pets to choose from. Mock the turtle who’s 79, BlackFlag who’s 78, and finally the newest member of the family Shadowfang the wolf who’s only 75. Who’d I end up taking? Mock? Nope, he’s a tenacity pet. BlackFlag? Almost, but people hate big flappy pets. So I ended up taking Shadowfang. Even though he’s the lowest level pet, I brought him along for the furious howl buff. I ended up just having him nom a little on Hodir because he’s such a low level for this fight. It ended up working better that way as it seemed we were able to free up the npc faster and get back to Hodir faster. Good thing I forgot to reglyph after my MM spec test. The biggest problem I had was getting used to where my buttons were and getting the MM shot rotation down again.
So all in all it ended up being a good week for us in Duranub. I must admit I am digging the look of the scourgestalker helmet with the rebreather on it. So until next time don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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