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Only 2 More to Go…

October 21, 2012

Happy Halloween, or Hollow’s End. I know, I know it’s been awhile since I last wrote, but I don’t think we’ve ever been busier on eBay or Etsy, than we’ve been this month. We sell a lot of Day of the Dead and Halloween jewelry, and holy crap this has been our busiest month ever. I think at one point I heard the poor lady who works at the post office start to cry when I came in lol. So, I haven’t had much free time so far, but I think it’s starting to slow down.
So I hit 88 this weekend, through of all things…. candy buckets. Yep, in between making things I flew to all the Outlands and Northrend buckets and a few in Azeroth. The XP from is pretty good, and allowed me to work and level at the same time.
So naturally when I hit 88 I started thinking I could run Headless Horseman, because well you know you have to be 88 to queue up for him. Wrong. It’s 89 and not 88 like I thought. Sigh.
So I kept working on leveling. Oh, and I picked up two news pets along the way. The first was a purple chicken that spawns when you are doing the egg quest for Master Ironpaw. So now when I get enough Darkmoon tickets, I can get the matching mount, and run around on a big purple chicken with a purple chicken beside me.
The other new pet I picked up is a quillen. Yep the Fu-Dog is awesome looking, I think. See my lil Fu-Dog keeps getting stuck as a rock. No matter what I’ve tried, he keeps getting petrified again, and again. So it looks like I have to drop him for now, till I can find one that isn’t a rock.
Now I ran into another problem. A problem that more and more hunters are running in to.
Or more accurately the lack there of. My stable if full. So full, I had to release two pets today, to keep my normal two slots open, you know just in case I find an awesome looking mob that I don’t have yet…..
I AM NOT A HORDER! I am a collector. There is a difference. So yeah Blizz, we need more stables, or a new way to store and bring them with us. How else are we supposed to keep all the cool pets they put in. Where’s the fun in getting the rare spawn or that hard to find spirit beast if you can’t have them all. There are more challenge/rare/spirit beasts in the game than stable slots. I never did the challenge tames for this reason. I need more slots.
So I’m hoping to finally hit 90, or at least 89, before the end of Hallow’s End. If all goes well I will. Oh and as a side note, I’d be very careful about flagging up at cook city. I went there today, and the whole cooking area was littered with skeletons…


Stop! Panda Time

October 2, 2012

Ok, Pandera has been out for almost a week now, and I love it. I’m loving everything about it. The quests, the zones, the pandas, the pet battles, everything I’ve done so far has been awesome.
Oh, and the money. Good lord, have I been making money off of fishing. Golden carp are selling insanely high on Argent Dawn. I mean like several thousand per stack. I’m actually think of just fishing during my lunches now to get more of these wonderful, wonderful little fishies.
I know there are people out there who hate it. I see people in trade and on forums who are constantly bashing this xpac so far. Really? You don’t like it, so you are going to sit in trade and whine and moan about it? So are speaking for everyone when you say how horribad Blizz is for making pandas? If so please stop. Stop right there. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. See everyone plays WoW differently. If you don’t like it, fine you don’t have to like it. However, however, please, please, please make your own chat channel, and go cry somewhere else.
Now where was I. Oh yes, pandaland. I know some where upset when we couldn’t fly right away, but I like it. I forgot how many awesome looking ground mounts there are in the game. Yes, some of the flying mounts are gorgeous. Wife keeps going on how she loves the purple fire chickens, and wants us to get them. I am a collector. I have the blue dragonhawk. I have almost 150 different pets. I love hunting and trying to get as many toys and pets and mounts as I can. I use two different add ons that I use for my pet and mount collections. Rmount and rpet. Both are light weight add ons that randomly summon a mount or a pet. They both come with a sliding scale that let you increase the chance of getting your favorite one.
So I hope everyone is having fun, and seeing the sights, and fishing, and farming, and dragon raising, and everything else out there.

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