Beast Master’s Declaration Of Independence

Happy Independence Day all. Sorry about not getting anything up sooner, I wasn’t able to make the raid on Thursday so I won’t be doing a play by play today. Instead I’m going to do a declaration of independence for BM hunters everywhere.

We the BM hunters hold these truths to be self evident, that our spec was not always the greatest. When it was the spec de jour, there were one too many huntards who gave us all a bad name and rep.

We know we rely more heavily on our pets than our MM and SV brothers and sisters.

We are a different breed as we reveal in the synergy of the bond between hunter and pet.

We feel the rush of speed, grace, and power be it through the haste bonus of serpents swiftness or bestial wrath.

With our enhanced pets we can see the damage done, and how much of a difference 4 talent points for our pet makes.

We are tired of every troll on the forum telling us to L2DK LAWLZ. Get a grip kid, when you are willing to pony up $15 a month to pay for my WoW subscription, along with every other BM’s account… Till then STFU about my spec and quit telling me how to play and what to play. Go back to your little ret pally and DK thinking you can crush me on the meters.

Ya know, I remember when all pallies did was heal, cleanse, buff and rez.

At one point or another all classes and specs become the flavor de jour, and you get laughed at if you aren’t that spec. I remember back in vanilla WoW, when the main spec was a straight MM spec for PVE content. I never liked that and went for a hybrid 0/21/30 spec, and I did great on the meters.

I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s time to declare our independence from the shackles of what others think we should be. We have the right to choose what spec we want, what class we want, and what pet we want to use. There is no right class spec combo, and there is no wrong class spec combo. Every class/spec combo has its place and its moment to be the spec de jour. For example, I’ve seen several different mages with the same spec end up scattered all over the meters. A lot of how well a player performs comes from the player and not the spec.

Something else that I’ve noticed more and more is when people are looking for more for their raid/group is they have changed what they want you to send them. I remember when it was just what your class was, which made sense so you didn’t have as many conflicts when it came loot time. Then when WoTLK came out people started asking for what your stats were. Ok, I guess that would give you an idea of what they were like, I mean you don’t want your tank to have a low stamina and a low defense. Recently I’ve seen them starting to ask for your spec also. Great here we go again, so you think you can tell what kind of player I am because of my spec? Hey here’s an idea go to the armory and look me up. Not only will you get to see my spec, but you can check out my gear so you can see that yes, even though I’m a BM hunter I know what the H3ll I’m doing and yes I would add quiet a chunk of DPS to your raid. If you don’t like that fine. If you’re willing to give me a chance, I think that you’d be pleasantly surprised to see a well played BM hunter in action.

These rights aren’t free though. They come with a sacred duty to do more than just spam steady shot or a macro. We must know to use all of our shots. That’s right, use arcane, aimer or multishot, stings and of course kill shot. We must be glyphed properly to take advantage of all of our shots. Now yes I do use one macro, it combines both steady shot and kill command into one button. I use this macro because of space issues. Too many buttons and not enough space on my hot bars. Using macros to save on space is fine. Making a macro that contains your entire shot rotation isn’t fine.

If you can remember these few things we will start a revolution that change the way we are not only played, but also how we are seen. Don’t forget any of this, and don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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