Stop! Panda Time

Ok, Pandera has been out for almost a week now, and I love it. I’m loving everything about it. The quests, the zones, the pandas, the pet battles, everything I’ve done so far has been awesome.
Oh, and the money. Good lord, have I been making money off of fishing. Golden carp are selling insanely high on Argent Dawn. I mean like several thousand per stack. I’m actually think of just fishing during my lunches now to get more of these wonderful, wonderful little fishies.
I know there are people out there who hate it. I see people in trade and on forums who are constantly bashing this xpac so far. Really? You don’t like it, so you are going to sit in trade and whine and moan about it? So are speaking for everyone when you say how horribad Blizz is for making pandas? If so please stop. Stop right there. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. See everyone plays WoW differently. If you don’t like it, fine you don’t have to like it. However, however, please, please, please make your own chat channel, and go cry somewhere else.
Now where was I. Oh yes, pandaland. I know some where upset when we couldn’t fly right away, but I like it. I forgot how many awesome looking ground mounts there are in the game. Yes, some of the flying mounts are gorgeous. Wife keeps going on how she loves the purple fire chickens, and wants us to get them. I am a collector. I have the blue dragonhawk. I have almost 150 different pets. I love hunting and trying to get as many toys and pets and mounts as I can. I use two different add ons that I use for my pet and mount collections. Rmount and rpet. Both are light weight add ons that randomly summon a mount or a pet. They both come with a sliding scale that let you increase the chance of getting your favorite one.
So I hope everyone is having fun, and seeing the sights, and fishing, and farming, and dragon raising, and everything else out there.

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