What’s Up With Dalies?

Long time no see people! Everyone having fun in pandaland? I know I have. I finally hit 90 the other week, and I’ve been slowly working on gearing up for heroics and raiding and dailies.
So what’s the big brouhaha over dailies and factions? I don’t get it. I mean really folks, what’s up with that.
I remember back in the days before dailies, when you hit max level at 60, you had nothing to do for gold, or gear other than to run the same 10 and 15 man runs over and over again.
Then they turned all the old instances into 5 mans. There wasn’t much to do if you didn’t raid.
Then BC came out, and introduced heroic versions of instances. When they first came out, you had to grind different factions to exalted to get keys to unlock heroics. This meant running non-heroic versions over and over again to buy the key.
Now this wasn’t the first time we had to farm faction for upgrades. I murdered entire tribes of bear people to get enchanting recipes. So grinding rep for items isn’t new to me, it’s part of the game.
Anyway… back to BC.
Blizz decided to lower the rep requirement for the key down to honored, making it much less of a grind.
Then Blizz introduced daily quests late in BC, and there was much rejoicing. Gold flowed, and new quests became available. They also started advancing a story through the dailies on the Isle of Quel’Danis.
Then Wrath came along with its dailies, they didn’t advance any real story line, but they did give faction. Around this time Blizz also introduced faction tabards. You could plow through getting rep with factions now by chain running instances.
They made it even easier to get faction this way. The same faction rep model continued through Cataclysm.
Then Mists hit. Mists got rid of the rep tabards. They also introduced an ungodly amount of dailies, and got rid of the daily cap of 25. Now people are getting angry that Blizz put gear that could be used for heroics and raiding behind faction reputations. They also put valor and justice gear on the factions vendors.
Everyone is now crying about dailies. People think they are required to max their faction through dailies to do anything.
Guess what. You don’t have to run dailies if you don’t want to. Blizz isn’t holding a gun to your head to make you do anything. If you want to run heroics, and raid, there is the AH. Go buy player made gear. Buy the mats you need to make the stuff yourself, or have a guildie do it, or someone from trade chat. Yes there is gear to be gotten from grinding faction through dailies. There’s also mounts, I’m looking as you amber scorpion, and recipes too.
Recipes aren’t anything new, you have always had to grind faction for recipes, see my genocidal comment above, that were the most desirable.
Some of the best looking, and most interesting mounts came from faction grinding.
Then there’s achievements. There’s an entire section dedicated just to faction reputations.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, deal with it. Faction grinding isn’t going away. It’s always been there, and always will be. It’s a part of the game, and if you don’t like it, find another way to gear up.
Go there’s nothing stopping you. Now can we please find something new to complain about? Like the new loot rules for LFR?


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