Patch Day 4.3

It’s patch day! Oh boy it’s a big one too. The death of Deathwing is finally here, and it’s a big one. Transmogrification, void storage, new 5 mans, new raid, new gear, raid finder, and all kinds of goodies, and issues, arrive today.

4.3 was the reason I returned to WoW. The new raid looks awesome, and I love the look for the new tier armor sets.
I am hoping to get more time to hop on to the game, but with the holidays here, and eBay picking up, time is short. But, meh we’ll see, anything is possible.

On a lighter note thou, I’ll finally be able to redeem my throwing star fish, and puffer fish pet finally. Had to wait for 4.3 for them to pit them in the game.

Speaking of pets, the new Darkmoon Faire is coming out too. That means new pets and mounts! That’s right 2 new mounts and 5 new pets. The new mounts and the all but one of the new pets are bought using Faire tokens, while the new seahorse pet, you have to fish up from the Faire island.

So have fun with all the new stuff that comes out today, play safe, and enjoy the new PuGs. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

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