Island Times

So 1.6 hit last week, and I’ve been spending time on EI, getting all kinds of goodies, and getting killed…a lot. Trion seems to have tuned the zone more towards players who have done raiding, as opposed to those who haven’t. They say that it’s for levels 48-50, but I pity anyone below 50 who goes there.
First off, the zone is huge, no I mean it’s freaking gigantic. I’ve found 5 different portal stones on the island so far, and my god does it help getting around. The map shows you roads, but good luck trying to find them in game, at mist they’re a small series of clearings covered with mobs.
Speaking of mobs, did I mention that they are all level 52, and are a royal pain in the butt kill? High HP, and they hit hard. In Stillmoore, me and Fluffy could easily handle 2 or 3 mobs at once, and invasion groups without any problems. Not on EI though, 2 or more means a dead pet and usually a dead, or almost dead, me. I really think they tuned the zone a little on the high side, I know they didn’t want anything too easy, but a fresh 50 without any epics, or raid gear, or token gear is in for a world of hurt.

Fighting Back The Onslaught
Onslaughts are a new feature on EI also. Beautiful, fast paced, lotsa fun, a great way to gain AA experience, and planarite. I ran one over the weekend, and I had a blast doing it. Onslaughts are a daily quest, and I know of 2 so far. The great thing about them is they form impromptu raids. Yep, you don’t have to start the event or even have the quest to run em. You just show up, join up, and let the fun begin. Not only will you get all kinds of goodies from the invaders, but if you have the daily you’ll get a bag of items that can include an item that you can use to gain a crap ton of AA experience. Speaking of AAs, between the higher level mobs, invaders, and XP items you will be getting AAs fast. After about 2 hours of play I had gotten 3 AA points faster and easier than doing anything else so far.
So if you haven’t tried EI yet, I highly recommend it, the island is a beautiful, dangerous place with lots of great rewards.

Special New Friends
I’ve started running the Firelands dailies again this weekend also. I’m slowly working my way through the first set of dailies, and I should be on to the next set within the week, if all go right.
Now while I’ve been back in Mt. Hyjal, I’ve run across 2 of the new ghost animal rare hunter pets. The cat that eats you if you have armor on, and the damn bird that you have to stand on top of the tree for. I ended not getting either, for different reasons. The cat wasn’t that hard, but there was another hunter there, who showed up after I did, and he ended up taming him before I did.
Now for that bird, that annoying bird. That evil green glowy owl. I have to stand on the very top of a tree that I have to dismount above before I can even try to tame it. WTF. Seriously after several tries and falling to my death, and being rezzed up there I died again. The other hunter who already had him, and was trying to help me forgot to tell me I needed to set a freeze trap for it, so it couldn’t spam fire me to death in 5 seconds. So after spending 30 minutes, at least, I gave up.
The owl will be there again, and so will the cat. I’m not in a rush to get them, and if I do, I do. If I don’t, then I don’t.

Lil Wolfie
After running the FL dailies and dying trying to get the pets, I decided to take a break and work on Fuzz the Worgen warrior. I have to admit, playing a fury warrior werewolf is a blast, things die faster than I can pull them. I can take on 3 or more mobs, AoE them down and heal myself back to almost full by the end of the fight.

Wonderful World Events Abound
Right now you have your pick of world events in WoW and Rift. Both have started the holiday blitz of events. WoW just finished up the Pilgram’s Bounty event, which got halfway through but didn’t get a chance to finish…again. They’re going to be starting Winter Veil in a few weeks also. Now I’m kinda meh about WV this year. I have all the achievements, and pets they’ve pit out so far. So the only thing that I’m looking forward to, is seeing what’s going to be in the boxes under the tree this year.
On the other hand, Rift is having it’s first ever holiday based event. The Fae Yule has begun! I like it so far, there seems to be a good mix of your standard close rifts, kill elemental mobs, gather x items, and special holiday quests. And there is a boat load of rewards for this holiday too. Everything from augments, to pets, to mounts, to vanity items. You can pick and choose what you want to get, because it’s a looong event. It’s running from the end of November to the beginning of January, so even I should be able to get all that I want.

Oh, and before I go, I hope you’ve all seen the new WoW commercial that aired last week. Once again Blizzard has proven that hunters are the greatest class in WoW. Why do you ask? Simple. We found out that the man, the myth, the legend Chuck Norris is a hunter.

So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

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