The End of the End

Lots of things are happening in both WoW and Rift right now. Both are gearing up for major content updates very soon. I actually had some free time this week, and I finally got my Ash Strider lizard-bird mount! As much as I like my green turtle, I really like graphics for the thunder chicken better lol.
on the WoW side of things, I’ve been kinda slacking. I’m short on time, so I’m limited to what I can do. Not enough time to run heroics, or to do archeology. I barely have time to run the Firelands dailies, so I haven’t done much really.

1.6 Time To Go To the Isles
The world event from 1.5 is almost over. We’ve been on phase 3 for almost two weeks now, and I doubt that I’ll get everything done that I want to. I need 1500 tokens to get the pet, aura thingy, and the 24 slot bag. Right now I have 265. Heh, I should be able to get one or two of the three by the end of the event, but I doubt I’ll get all three.
However, the new zone is about to open. I can’t wait for it to get here. Ember Isle is gonna be huge, about twice the size of Stillmoore. Rift Junkies has some good maps, videos, and articles about Ember Isle. New gear, new raids, and a ginormous new dungeon with 11, yes 11, bosses await us for when we get there.

Winter Is Coming
Trion is also going to be hopping on the in game holiday event train too. That’s right, we are going to be getting our first ever holiday world event, the Fae Yule. Christmas is coming to Telara. I know that some people hate it when they put events in games that coincide with the real world, but not me. These events are a fun distraction and a good time killer, that can provide us with all kinds of fun little things. From mounts, to pets, to cosmetic items, it’s all in the name of fun.

An End to the End
It looks like Deathwing’s fun time is coming to an end soon. Patch 4.3 is coming soon, very soon. I’ve seen the videos of the Deathwing fight, and it looks intense. I haven’t raided since WotLK, and this fight has me wanting to start raiding again. But, I doubt I’ll get the chance, I don’t have the time to gear up as it is lol.
Besides that, the other big release for 4.3 is the Darkmoon Faire is getting its’ own zone. Yep they have finally settled down, and have expanded. New games, rewards, gear, mounts, and pets, the DMF is going to be worth going to again. Between the the achievements, two new mounts, and three new pets, I have a reason to actually go there now.

It’s A Stampede!
The other news that caught my eye in WoW related news was the talk of a new hunter ability in the works called Stampede. What it would do is allow us to summon all 5 pets in our at once to attack our target for a short period of time, with a long cool down (about 5 minutes). If it makes it in to MoP that would rock. If it makes it in so it would show all 5 of our own pets, and not a generic pack of 5, that would rock also. Now if it makes it in, with our 5 pets, and it’s not a watered down gimped version with 5 random pet types, where it would actually be useful, that would be unbelievably awesome in whole new huntering ways. So much potential, let’s hope it doesn’t end up as weak as camo turned out to be.

So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

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