Quest Lines and Guides

Ok, the pet guide is coming along slowly. I ran in to a problem when I did the Necromancer portion. My necro wasn’t at level 32 yet, so I didn’t have any first hand experience woth the higher abilites. So I am currently working to get both my Druid and Elemental Summoner both to 32 so I can get a better feel for the classes.
So it could be a bit before I get the next two portions up and running. After that, I’m going to do a general run down of each of the pets themselves and their abilites.
I’m sure by now everyone has done at least one story quest. For those of you that haven’t, or aren’t familiar with them, the story quests advance the plot in the zone you’re in, and in the game. I love that it feels like it’s advancing the game in the process. They are really a nice change of pace from the standard just kill 10 rats kinda quests that are just sorta there. As you progress through each zone’s story line, it also changes the loading screens as you go. The whole thing gives you a feeling of acomplishment, like you’re actually making a difference. Not to mention the story quests are actually pretty good.
So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

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