To Mod or Not To Mod, That Is the Question

Recently Trion made a big announcement concerning mods for Rift. From what they implied, we might see the API codes released for the mod community as soon as patch 1.3.
This has brought a mixed reaction from the Rift community.
Mods are one of those things that people either love or hate, and both sides extremely passionate about it. Those against it say that mods are a crutch. It ruins the game, and sets everything to autopilot. Those that are for mods say they help cut down on micromanagement and help to make the game more manageable and fun to play.
Now I see the validity of both sides of the argument.
The anti-moders do have valid points. There has been several mods that more or less put the game on autopilot. Decursive from Vanilla WoW was a prime example. It would target cursed players and cast the appropriate removal spell. There was another one in Wrath that would allow you to draw your own markings in game that could be used to show you where to go during any event. Mods for PvP that would show you any and all information about enemy players that made it a no brainer to figure out who to kill. Mods like these kill the game. They turn it from playing the game, to just reacting to the mods. Now there are also mods that are considered essential to raiding. DBM, Omen, Damage meters these are just a few of the core mods in a raider’s UI. DBM, while useful, trains people to watch the mods only, and not what’s happening in the fight. Omen also trains you to ignore what you’re doing, and only watch for the red flash.
Now on the other end are pro-modders. Bag mods, mail mods, bar mods and the like. They make character management easier. Mods like DBM, Omen, and damage meters can all be used to help people learn what to look for in fights. By watching for the alarms, you correlate what’s happening and what to do in those situations.
Now for myself, I do like some mods, and I used a lot of mods while raiding. I loved Arc-HUD, it gave a very easy to view, and detailed way, to see my health, energy, pet’s health and mob’s health right around my toon. I used a mail mod that would let me open all my mail at once, and had a drop down box with the names in of people I’ve sent mail to. I used Auctioneer. It made buying and selling easier to sort by price, and made breaking down stacks easier too. I used Comix for a long time just for laughs.
I’m not against Mods, I’ve used a lot of Mods in the past, and I’ll use them again. Some are useful, some aren’t. As long as they don’t make Mods that break the game, I’m all for them. See in my option, Mods are a tool, and like any tool some are good, others aren’t. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.



2 Responses to “To Mod or Not To Mod, That Is the Question”

  1. Durak Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of mods and never used them in the 4 years I played WoW. Okay, I also was mostly a solo and PvP hunter so I didn’t really need them.

    What concerns me the most is the potential impact they have on system performance. When I tried Auctioneer it made a huge difference in the time it took to load the game for me. I took it off and never went back. It kind of soured me on mods in general as it was one of the first big ones I tried.

    Do you think this development has anything to do with the announcement a few weeks ago that SWTOR wont have mods at launch? Do you think Trion may be thinking they can retain more players if they have this feature in place?

    • gweninu Says:

      Yes, I agree Auctioneer is a resource hog, but I only used it on my bank alt. It’s not too bad if it’s only turned on while at the AH.

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