There’s A Pet For That, or The Ranger

Pets. Versatile, always there, never complaining, fighting beside us, fighting in front of us, taking the bullet for us, and looking good. Our pets are the main draw of playing a Ranger. Need a tank while questing? We gotcha covered. Need someone to lower the chance of the mob smacking you? We gotcha covered. Need someone to rip the mobs to shreds, while healing themselves? We gotcha covered there too. Our pets give us a range of flexibility that few, if any, other class has. So Lets take a look at the talent tree, and see what we have that will boost up Fluffy, and us, to greater glories.

Root Abilities
Call Razorbeast 0 pts in Ranger: Summons a Razorbeast to your aid. Here’s your tank pet guys. Big, ugly, and smelly lol. He’s actually a pretty decent tank for soloing.
Rejuvenate 4 pts in Ranger: Heals your pet over 8 seconds. One of your most important abilities. Ever. Period. Remember how I said to not count on your healer to keep Fluffy alive? This is how YOU keep Fluffy alive.
Divert Rage 8 pts in Ranger: All threat generated for the next 10 seconds is transferred to your pet.
Call Dire Wolf 10 pts in Ranger: Summons a Dire Wolf to aid you in battle. This your first DPS pet, plain and simple. He does more damage than the pig, but he can’t hold aggro.
Call Greater Dire Wolf 22 pts in Ranger: Summons a Greater Dire Wolf to aid you in battle. The GDW does more damage and has more abilities than the regular Dire Wolf. This will be your final DPS pet if you don’t go at least 31 points in to the Ranger soul.
Call Greater Razor Beast 24 pts in Ranger: Summons a Greater Razor Beast to aid you in battle. The GRB has more abilities than the regular RB. He is going to be your final solo tanking pet.
Diffuse 44 pts in Ranger: All incoming damage is transferred to your pet for 10 seconds. When you need someone to catch a bullet for you, this is the one for you.
Feral Aggression 51 pts in Ranger: increases your pet’s crit chance by 100% and makes it immune to fear and confusion for 15 seconds. Fluffy gets big and angry for 15 seconds. All of his hits hit big and bloody.
Tying it together
Now most of our root abilities are focused on summoning our little friends. 4 of our 5 pets come from our root abilities. That’s it. Really we only get 3 talents from our roots that effect our pet. Those not pet abilities, are extremely powerful and important thou. They can save our hides, or push us over the top for burning mobs down super fast. So now that we’ve covered the roots, let’s look up in the branches.

Branch Talents
Enduring Spirit T1 5/5: Increases your pet’s health by 25%, and your health by 5%. This is a straight up HP buff, plain and simple.
Blood Rage T3 3/3: When your target has a bleed effect, increases your pet’s damage by 15% for 10 seconds. A healthy boost to Fluffy’s DPS. This talent is the reason you always want to keep serrated arrow on your target.
Bestial Fury T3 2/2: Headshot has a 100% chance to gain Bestial Fury, which increases damage by 5%. Lasts 12 seconds per combo point. Yet another boost to our DPS. With a full 5 points, this buff lasts for a nice long time at a minute.
Prey on the Weak T5 3/3: When your pet deals a crit, you have a 100% chance to increase your damage by 15% for 20 seconds. This is why crit is important for you and Fluffy.
King of the Jungle T5 1 pt in Ranger: increases your pet’s damage by 10%, and decreases damages the amount of AOE damage your pet takes by 65%. For each point in the Ranger soul beyond 21, the damage bonus is increased by 3%, and AOE damage is reduced by 1%. This is one of the biggest talents for us. The damage reduction is huge now, the damage bonus is well minimum if you are only going, say 24 points in to get the GRB.
Hasten Call T6 1 pt: Your next call spell is free, with no casting cost. 2 minute cool down. This is a must if you are going at least 31 points in. This will give you an instant pet, at no cost if Fluffy suddenly dies. This coupled with Divert Rage, will almost instantly have Fluffy grabbing aggro back in almost no time flat.
Master Huntsman T6 5/5 pts: Your Dire Wolf’s maul reduces healing on the target by 30% for 10 seconds. Your Razor Beast’s quill cool down is reduced by 5 seconds. Your Blood Raptor’s bloodied blow has a 25% chance to double attack. This is a flat-out boost to Fluffy’s utility/DPS abilities.
Call Blood Raptor T7 1pt: Summons a Blood Raptor to fight for you. The BR is your highest DPS pet. He has an AOE attack, and a self-heal.
Pulling It All Together
The Ranger soul tree offers a lot of diversity, flexibility, and challenges. The right ability at the right time can save your hide. Hasten Call plus Call Greater Razorbeast plus Divert Rage equals Fluffy building fast aggro after he died the first time. Splinter shot is another important ability that you need to keep on the mob to maximize DPS.
Soul Pairings
The Ranger soul pairs up great with the other rogue souls, but it really shines with several. Bard, Marksman, and Nightblade are the ones for your second soul. I’ve found that different pets work best with different souls. The Razorbeasts work best with Marksman and Nightblade, because of its’ shear ability to hold aggro, while you do the majority of the DPS. However, as a Bard, I think the Raptor is a much better choice. Our pets are an amazing lot that can change the way we play based on our situation, play style, and what souls we take. So choose wisely, and remember the choices you make will affect how you play also. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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