Time To Plunder, and Figure Out WordPress

Ok, so I finally got the next part of my series on pet classes up the other day, and I ran in to a few snags along the way. I do most of my writing on my iPhone, and unfortunately, the WordPress app is somewhat lacking in functionality. Pictures don’t want to go in right. Also, quotes, bolding, italics, and other just basic word processing functionality are missing entirely.
So it took me a while to get the look of the post how I wanted it.
Hellfire and Brimstone
So, anyone who went to riftjunkies.com, mmorpg.com, aggronaut.com today probably saw that Trion is giving us a taste of the next world event. Patch 1.2 is coming our on May 10th, they have named it, The Spoils of War. Here’s the official announcement from Trion.

The Spoils of War

RIFT 1.2
Prelude to riches
Beginning May 4th, fragments of ancient golden dragon shell will appear wherever there are Earth or Fire rifts, and mysterious coins will rain down into Sanctum and Meridian. Until RIFT 1.2: The Spoils of War goes live on May 10, the Ascended will have a chance to collect these artifacts in new daily quests, earning coveted rewards such as plaques, rare artifacts, and crafting currency.

Fire and Earth are going to be the focus this time around. They gave us a small taste of it starting this week, by way of 3 new daily quests. We need to start by collecting golden dragon egg shards, and corrupted gold coins.
Easy enough it seems, until you try to get the coins. See they are static ground spawn, and all you should have to do is just click on 5 piles to complete the quest. It took me 12 piles to get the 5 coins I needed. That’s right, the piles are bugged. Just because you can see a pile doesn’t mean you can loot the pile. Kinda frustrating, but still a quick, easy quest. Oh, and did I mention that you get egg shells as part of the quest reward that you can use for one of the other dailies? I give Trion credit for adding new events and things to do. I guess after years of Blizzard’s “hurry up and wait” mentality with updates, it’s refreshing to play a game that does try to keep things fresh. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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