Here Kitty, Kitty or The Beastmaster

Welcome to part 2 of my pet class guide. Today we’re going to talk about the Beastmaster, and their giant kitty the primal guardian. The BM is the only pet class that likes to go toe to toe with enemy side by side with their pet.
Now the BM soul is a mixed bag of buffs, debuffs, attacks, and other things. Lets take a look at what’s in both the BM tree and root to see what Fluffy does for us, and what we do for Fluffy.
Root Abilities
Fierce Strike 0 pts in BM: Deals weapon damage plus additional physical damage and increases pet damage abilities by 20% for 12 seconds. FS is probably your most important ability. Not only does it do a nice bit of damage, but it makes Fluffy’s abilities hit that much harder. Always, always, always keep this on your pet’s target.
Protective Companion 10 pts in BM: Fluffy gains a boost of 20% to their armor and health. Their attacks generate more threat, but do 20% less damage. In addition to that, Fluffy buffs everyone’s armor, and Bite does 2% more damage per bleed effect on the mob, and Pounce will force the mob to attack Fluffy for 3 seconds. PC is our pet’s tanking stance. Fluffy has a better chance of holding aggro, but don’t expect her to rip through the mobs blazing fast.
Flesh Rip 12 pts in BM: An attack that becomes available after Fluffy scores a critical hit that causes the target to bleed for 10 seconds. While the bleed damage isn’t to make it worth applying by itself, it does count towards the bleed effects for PC.
Enraged Companion 20 pts in BM: Fluffy’s damage is increased by 20%, and increases everyone’s damage by 5%. EC decreases Fluffy’s health and armor by 20% also. Bite will apply a debuff that causes the target to take 5% more damage, while pounce will root target for 3 seconds.
Diversion Strike 32 pts: An attack that deals weapon damage plus extra damage. The attack also increases both your’s and your pet’s crit by 5% for 10 seconds. Once again we have another ability that raises our crit rate. With all of the different abilities and talents that we have, it makes Fluffy and me mad crit machines.
Fight As One 51 pts: Increases damage, hit, and crit for you and your pet for 15 seconds. The increase is based on how many points you have. 1 point 5%, 2 points 10%, 3 points 15%. This is the big one. That’s right hit the mob with FS, DS, and then any other ability, that gives you that 3rd attack point, then pop FAO, and watch the mob die in an explosion of fur, fangs, claws, and whirling steel.
Now just from the root abilities alone, you can see how much we effect Fluffy, and how Fluffy effects us. The BM has the most symbiotic relationship out of all the pet classes, and that’s just from the root abilities.
Now that we’ve looked at the root abilities, let’s take a look at the branch talents. All values, and percents are shown at max points.
Branch Talents
Natural Instincts T1 5 pts: Damage bonus from Fierce Strike is increased by 10%. As simple as it gets, an increase to an increase. Always keep it on the mob.
Primal Fury T2 5 pts: Increase crit by 5%. Another way to make us crit like crazy and increase “on crit” procs.
Strike To Main T4 5 pts: Critical hits cause the target to bleed for 100% of our strength over 8 seconds. Yet another bleed effect that lends itself to the death by a thousand cuts damage we do, while boosting PC’s bite damage bonus.
Protective Instincts T4 1 pt: Increases stealth detection. Good for PvP, and running through new areas where enemies might be hiding.
Pack Mentality T5 3 pts: increases you and your pet’s health by 12%, and damage by 6% while your pet is active. Yet another reason to keep Fluffy alive and kicking. Both of you are harder to kill and hit that much harder.
Tie That Binds T6 3 pts: Increases your pet’s health by 30%. Once again a talent to keep Fluffy killing that much longer.
Improved Protective Instinct T6 3 pts: Reduces stun duration by 30%. Handy little talent that will definitely help in PvP.
Kinship T6 1 pt: Heals both you and your pet. The first of our two self heals, this one also heals Fluffy.
Spoils of the Hunt T7 1 pt: Your pet heals you over 12 seconds, based on pet’s damage and number of attack points. 1- 50% of damage, 2- 100% of damage done, 3- 150% of damage done. This is our big self heal. A big, fast, heavy “Oh Crap”. With 3 attack points, this will top us off fast, while taking some of the pressure off of the healers.
Team Work
The BM soul is all about team work. We have so many talents and abilities that have us relying on our pet, and our pet relying on us. We have a lot of bleed effects that we can apply, and need to apply to maximize both ours, and our pet’s DPS.
Fierce Strike is one of our most important abilities. It’s fast, hits pretty hard, generates attack points, and more importantly increases Fluffy’s damage.
Bleed effects are another major source of damage for us and Fluffy. If you’re soloing, and you have Fluffy running with PC, bleeds are even more important, as Fluffy’s bite does 2% more damage per bleed.
Remember though, neither you or Fluffy is a true tank type.
Other Souls
Now, as far your other two souls, look for things that will compliment your style. Both champion, and paragon offer great melee boosters to BM. Me, I put more in paragon than champion, since I like how it compliments, and rapidly builds up attack points. But in the end, it’s up to you. If you want you can make a more tanky type, you can do that and have Fluffy rip in to your target while you hold its’ attention. It’s up to you, have fun with it, play around with it, change it up, try different soul and point combos. That’s the great thing about the beast lord soul, you can add the extra DPS, and buffs to any build to play style. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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