Say Hello To My Little Friends

At first this was going post was going to be a sort catch all pet class write up. But, as I was writing it, I realized that there’s so much that that can be said about pet classes I couldn’t possibly do it all in one shot. So here it is, the first in a series of posts about our little friends who fight with us, and for us. I give you the pet classes.
Way back in the ol days of EQ, there were 2 classes that I loved playing. The ranger and the beast lord. The ranger was the master of bow kiting, but was hard to get a group with. The beast lord was a, pardon the expression, whole different kinda animal. The pet could sort of hold aggro, as long as you weren’t in melee range.
Now flash forward to WoW. WoW had the hunter, a combination of EQ’s ranger and beast lord classes. What could I say, I had found the perfect class. Now hunters weren’t the only pet class, there was also the warlock which was similar to the necromancer from EQ. I had dabbled in both of those caster classes, but neither was as appealing as the ranger, beast lord or hunter class. I’ve lost track of all the pets I ran with in WoW. I remember when you had to train different pets to learn different levels of skills for your pet. When it mattered if it was a caster pet class or not. Back then you had to keep your pet happy or it would run away. People complain now that they have to level their pet 5 levels now, back then if you got a low level pet at higher levels it stayed at that level until you raised it’s level to your level.
Then Rift came out…. and boy did they have pet classes. Each of the 4 callings have at least 1 pet based soul. From druids, in the cleric calling, with their faries and satyrs to beast lords, in the warrior calling, with their big cats. There’s a plethora of pet souls to choose from. Whatever your preference is, they have it.
Right now I’m leveling 3 different toons with pets. Daikaiju the beast lord, Fuzzbaal the ranger, and Finz the necro. I have Galleon the elemental summoner and Quickfix the druid sitting and waiting at level 1 to be played also.
Pet classes, in my opinion, are the most fun to play in any MMO. They bring extra DPS and versatility to both solo and group play. However, they do bring extra responsibility with them. Never expect your healer to heal them. Keeping them alive is your responsibility, the healer’s is to keep everyone else alive. If they have the extra time and mana to throw Fluffy a heal, be grateful. Don’t get mad if they don’t look at Fluffy twice.
So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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