Tanks, Thanks

I am an Altaholic, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I feel being one isn’t a bad thing, but makes me a better player. How you might ask? Simple, by playing different classes and toons, I learn more about them, their playstyle, and their roll.
Some of the guys I work with play on Hydraxas, so I decided to roll a new toon there. They already have a healer, and several DPS, but not a full time tank. So I rolled a Druid. Why a Druid? Simple, the versatility. By speccing feral, I start out with both a DPS and a tank spec. Now I use kitty when I’m questing or soloing, and bear when I want to run an instance.
The best part of being a tank, is no queue. The worst part… people. I want to apologize to all the tanks I’ve ran with. Bel, Elk, Euron, Zana and the rest, I’m sorry for every stupid thing I did as a DPSer. I apologize for not misdirecting when I should’ve. I’ve given you gray hairs and ulcers. I know know your pain.
In the few instances I’ve ran as a tank so far, I’ve dealt with healers that said they were ready when they weren’t. I’ve dealt with DPSers that are in such a rush, they AoE before I’ve even hit a single mob. Ones that don’t burn my target, but go after ones that have just been with a single demoralizing roar, forcing me to ping pong around getting them all to reconcentrate on me.
I have a good bit of health, but my gear is… lacking. I can be critted. I know that most people are used to tanks in heirloom gear, but I don’t have any on this server. So please be patient with me. I need time to build aggro. I don’t have swipe or thrash yet. So please kill my target first. So until next time don’t forget to respect your tanks, so they will keep queuing up for you.

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