Yeah…..So….Ummm…. How have you guys and gals been? Sorry for not putting anything up sooner. Life happens, sometimes faster than you can keep track of. Between both jobs, Chinese New Year, home fixins and the zodiac changing, WoW time, and writing time, is little and sparse.
So here’s just a quick update. First off I’ve finally hit an item level of 329. I was able to finish it off with PvP blues from the AH, the dragonkiller tunic, and the kickback 5000, both made by my wonderfully awesome guildies. I farmed as much as I could for the tunic, then grabbed the rest from the AH. Also, Wife surprised me by signing me up for the remote AH. I guess she got tired of me joking with about listing stuff on my bank mule… So, the remote AH has taken a big chunk of my writing time up also. I’ve been splitting my breaks and lunches between writing and listing stuff.
I’ve been working on leveling enchanting a lot recently too. The biggest drawback to leveling enchanting is the mats, or lack of them. That’s when it hit me. My shaman had maxed out her jewelcraft in WotLK. Now all she needed was the gems. The problem there was I needed to get her to Deepholme, but I told Wife I won’t level her so we could level to 85 together. Then it hit me, Diakiaju is 82 and was last questing in DH… He’s an engineer and a miner! So off I went yo the lil DK, and he’s been doing laps around DH since then forever mining… Then off the ore goes to Gwena to make jewelry who sends it off to Gwen who disenchants them for the mats… So, to level one skill I’ve been leveling three instead lol.
So yeah, that’s about all I’ve had time to do lately. I’m hoping to actually get some game time in this weekend, so I can raise my gearscore up more. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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