Trapping, Old School Style

Everything comes back in to style eventually. Cataclysm brought CC back in a big way. I remember back in the ol’ days, when UBRS was a 15 man mini-raid, as hunters we had to know how to trap. When we finally were given the ability to drop traps in combat, we had to learn how to chain trap. What is this chain trapping that I speak of I can hear you asking? Well, it’s the art of keeping a mob (or sometimes 2) locked down in ice. Most, but not all hunters could do this. You had to be able to trap a mob at least once. The more you did it, the easier it got.
You had to keep an eye on several different things while chain trapping. Distance, situational awareness, aggro management, and communication were the keys to locking a mob down until it was it’s turn to die. The perfect example of the need for chain trapping was Morse in Kara. Morse came with 4 adds. The standard for taking them all out to shackle 1 or 2, then trap one, while then burn down the last add or 2. After that the shackled add, or adds, were killed. Our trapped add was usually low man on the kill order. We had to keep our add locked down until our target was called.
To effectively chain trap you have to know how long your traps hold, how long they have til they rot, and how long the cooldown is. They’ve made it easier on us by keeping the cool down on traps to 30 seconds. Once we’ve laid our trap, it stays there for 1 minute. Now it would seem that we would be able to have more than 1 trap out at a time, but we’re only able to have 1 trap of each kind out at a time. Now once our target hits our trap, it will freeze them in place for 1 minute, or until someone sneezes on them. Yep wet tissue paper is more durable than our freeze traps.
This brings us to our next point for chain trapping, situational awareness. You need to let your group know where you are going to be trapping, and where they are going to DPSing the kill target. Nothing sucks as badly as having your locked down mob break early because of careless AoE, while your trap is on cool down. Now the other half of being aware of what’s happening is your initial pull of the trap target. Depending on the fight, and the area you’re in, is going to determine if you have to pull the mob with distracting shot or putting up camo and launching a trap. The changes that Blizz are making to distracting shot in the patch are going to make it even easier to use than ever. No more /stopcast macro when you don’t want to auto shoot anymore. So your target is frozen in a block of ice, now what do you? Well, you multitask. You need to keep an eye on your target, while burning down the kill target. You want to make sure there is as much room as possible between you and the trapped mob. Now if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that your trap is off if cool down before your first trap wears off. That’s a good thing, it makes trapping your focus target that much easier. Now you want to tag the mob with a distracting shot, which will cause it to run straight at you and hit your next trap. After you have the mob frozen for the second time, put some distance between you two again and go back to shooting the kill target. Rinse and repeat as often as needed.
Now it’s time for you to go and practice your chain trapping. I recommend Nadrand. It’s spacious and there’s plenty of room. Just choose your target, and see how many times you can trap it. You should be able to trap it at least twice, but aim for 3 or more. See if you can start with the mobs south of the throne of elements, and chain trap it back to Telaar.
So, that concludes today’s lesson on crowd control for hunters. I hope that you learned a little, and I didn’t bore you too much. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

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