Ding 85… Finally…

So I finally hit 85 this weekend, and now the fun really begins. I’m starting to run instances to get geared up for raiding. Before I hit 85, I had only ran Black Rock and Throne of Tides. Both of them weren’t that hard, as long as people paid attention. I had heard horror stories of how horribly bad and difficult, tough
and evil they were. But after running those 2 dungeons, I didn’t believe it.
Then I hit 85. It started with my first pug, a Stonecore run. We weren’t even in the instance for 5 seconds when the tank leaves. While we’re waiting for another tank, someone gets the bright idea to head back to Ironforge to finish putting stuff up on the auction house. So after a few minutes, we get our tank. Then seeing that one of the DPS was at the AH he decided to go there too. That torqued off the healer who then dropped group, which started a chain reaction of drops from the group. That was
more than enough frustration for one night, so no instances for me that night.
The next night went better. I got in to the Lost City. Every thing perfectly. The tank asked who hadn’t done the instance before, and then proceeded to explain the fights in detail as we went. We only had 1 wipe, and that was when we doubled back for the second captain.
So after that great run, I queued back up for another run, hoping that it would go as smoothly and as easily as the last one. Well I ended up getting Grim Batol. GB is one huge check point for you. It is a gear, DPS, healing, aggro, and teamwork check. I haven’t felt that much stress in an instance, since BC heroics. Our healer dropped before the first boss, but we lucked out and had another one fast. I lost track of the number of times it came down to me and my pet, and either the ret pally or shadow priest barely alive after a bad pull or boss fight. Blizz has really turned up the heat with the new instances. You have to be on your toes, you can’t go in with the same AoE mentality that came from WotLK. That kind of thinking will get you killed fast. Oh, and one more thing, if you want the hunter to trap a mob, for the love of god don’t drop a consecrate/death and decay/thunderstomp right next to it. When you want us to CC a target, remember our traps have a 30 second cool down. Let us either get in position to launch a trap, or drop in to camo, or pull to the trap first. Well after over an hour and a half, we finally finished the instance. It was the most stressful 5 mans I’ve ran since BC.
If you are planning to just waltz in and AoE down everything like you did in WotLK, think again. As we get further in to Cataclysm I’m sure they will get easier. I’m still working on getting geared up enough to start heroics, and finally start raiding again. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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