Altoholism, I Haz It

So Cataclysm came out earlier this month as we all know. I know I’ve been quiet about what I think of it so far, but here’s my take on it so far.
I love the look and feel of it all. I dabbled in Hyjal, till I decided to head out to Vajir, and did all of the
quests there. I like the flow of the new zones, however its felt very linear. You will only be able to access the next quest hub if you finish all the quests at the one you’re at. I’ve been noticing that as I work my way through Stonecore as well. However, the scope of the quests has gotten much larger to make up for that one
problem it seems.
Then there’s the Worgen. What can I say. I am in love with them so far. Everything just feels right about them, that is except their dances… The starting zone and quests have the
doom and gloom feeling of the old Wolfman movies. Their story is
compelling and tragic. I’ve started 2 so far. My furry fury warrior
Fuzzbaal, and a rogue named Wombatt to level with Wife. We’re getting to point now where I’m thinking of switching to Fuzzbaal when we’re running together. Her dog has always had issues with
holding aggro. Besides, Fuzz has a sweet eye patch, and Wombatt doesn’t. Now Wife is a few levels higher than Fuzz, but between the heirloom gear and the 10% guild xp bonus I should have no problems catching up to her. I just have to do a few quests and I’ll beright
where she is.
Now I recently tried a goblin also. I’m not impressed with their starting zone yet. It’s definitely a slower start than
the Worgen. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to keep him, he’ll probably end up like the rest of the Horde toons I start, and get scrapped early on.
So far everything is going great and I’m really enjoying the expansion. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t rub out of ammo.


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