The 4.0.1 Reboot Quest

So the big one landed this week. Good bye mana. Good bye everything we knew about being a hunter. Hello focus, and all the wonderful changes that will come with it and the end of the world as we know it. So far so good. All of my mods are so horribly broken, and i haven’t had a chance yet to look for updated versions of them yet. Now, I just have to relearn how to play a hunter again lol.
The first thing that I’ve been noticing is there’s a lot more to playing a BM hunter than there was before. I used to have the old version of Kill Command macro’d in to all of my other shots so I didn’t have to keep an eye on it. Now, it’s off of the macros and on to the tool bar. I’m setting new macros for Focus Fire instead, linking it to my shots and KC instead of keeping it on the bars. The other new macro that I’m using, is for Spirit Mend and Ancient Hysteria.

/target Gweninu
/cast spirit mend
/cast ancient hysteria

It combines both abilities in to one nice little button that will heal me or cast AH depending on which pet I have out at the time.
The other kinda big thing that I’m working on is finishing out swapping out my gems. I used to be gemed for armor pen, but with that gone, my crit rating is through the cap. I have all the cardinal rubies I need, I just have to finish getting my jewelcrafter high enough to cut them. So I need to get more transmutes and frozen orbs to finish it.
The other big thing coming up is BlizzCon. I won’t be in Aniheim, but I will be watching it online over the weekend if all go right. Lots to do and so little time, here’s to hoping I can get it all done in time.
So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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