Break Time’s Over

The title pretty much says how I’m feeling. I’ve been getting more sleep, and I’ve only had one migraine since I took a break from raiding. I start my new shift in two weeks, and that will make it easier on me for raiding to boot. I can’t wait to get back to raiding again, I’ve been going a little crazy without it, it was my way to blow off steam from the rest of the crap of the week.
So I was able to polish off two things from the bucket list this weekend. I knocked out Sunken Temple, which also let me finish up the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement also. So that’s two more down and a butt load more to go lol. I finally got Wife to reactivate her account this week, and along with our one daughter we went mount farming in ZG. Lotta fun, and was pretty easy with Mock turtle tanking, Wife DPSing, and the youngin healing. Maybe this weekend we can do it again, and knock out ZG in the process.
So it seems Blizz has made some major changes to us hunters in the latest patch. First off, the change that has Wife upset. Volley has gone the way of the dodo. Multi-shot is going to be our AOE attack, along side our traps. Wow, so unless MS is going to have no cool down, low focus cost, and hits more that 3 mobs at a time. Oh, and it has to hit like a MAC truck too. The other change I noticed was they aren’t going to be putting rhumba in the game. GC gave the lamest excuse I have ever heard for them chopping a talent. He said that BM had “too many damage talents”. I guess BM’s DPS was getting too high in cata for him. We all know that GC hates BM. He’s already admitted we were over nerfed in the expansion, so what’s another hit to our DPS then right? Besides, it just sounded like a fun talent. Instead we get Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera? WTH? We go from a cool DPS talent, to a talent that rewards us for being where we shouldn’t be in the first place?? And GC said he was afraid that we would take rhumba over other talents for the damage boost? By the time we get done spending our 31 points, we only have a talent or two left without points. Rhumba would’ve been an awesomely fun talent to play around with. I guess we’ll never know, but hey it could end up like camo and make a come back in the next expansion.
So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

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