Taking a Look at the New Talent Trees

Ok so the NDA has been lifted. All the new goodness is being spilled left and right. As we all know hunters are starting out with pets, which is great news! Our stables are being expanded to a total of 25 pets, 5 active 20 inactive.
I had been looking at the new talent trees on MMO-Champion. I had even started playing around with them. I had started playing around with the talents, and had come up with an interesting build. But all went down the tubes when Blizz decided they were revamping the whole talent trees. They’ve pruned the trees back to something similar to the Vanilla days of yore. Each tree is only going to go down 31 points instead of 51 points. However don’t go thinking you’ll be getting both Beast Mastery and Chimera Shot at the same time, think again. We will only be getting 41 points also.
That’s right instead of getting a point every level, we’ll be getting them every other level. On levels where we don’t get a point, we will get a talent instead.
The other big change, is once you hit level 10, you’ll be forced to pick a talent tree. Choose carefully grasshopper, because once you choose a talent tree you will not be able to put points in to a different tree until you put 31 points in that first tree.
Well while I’ve been writing this, Blizz has released the new talent trees. All I have to say is dang, it’s good to be a beast master. Yep BM is back in a big way. Slim, trim, stream lined, and back to being a lightening fast killing machine. MM is looking bloated with a lot of PvPish talents. Survival seems… pretty much the same as it was before.
So I’ve been playing around with the new 31 point trees, and here’s a potential build for BM raiding in Cata. Not too shabby so far if I do say so myself. So if I get lucky I’ll get a beta invite soon (but I’m not holding my breath, I just found out that WoW was the one game I hadn’t opted in for the beta).
So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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