Start of the Summer Slump

Here we are at the begining of summer, and the summer doldrums are all ready starting. Not only that, but the pre-expansion blahs are starting to get to me. I’ve hit 80 on 3 toons, and I’m working on my 4th one now. However, running the same things over and over again is starting to get, well repetative.

So I decided to start a Horde toon. Now to decide what to do. Do I start another hunter? I know the class inside and out. Do I start a warrior, one of the few classes that I haven’t played yet? I plan on making a worgen warrior when Cataclysm comes out, so it would be a good way to get to know the class. Either way I plan to make either an Orc or Tauren. I have the heirloom gear for both classes, so I could blow through the levels.
In other news Duranub is making a lot of progress in ICC. We are one shotting Blood Queen, and making progress on Professor also. I want to send out a big congratutaions to the Bel10 team for downing the Lich King!

So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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