The Queen Is Dead Finally


That’s right kids the title says it all. After smashing our faces against her, we finally defeated her. It was close though, I think we had less than a second till she hit the enrage timer lol. Of course just to spite us one last time, she didn’t drop a hunter token, but the priest one doh!

So after that we moved on to the good professor. We took a couple of shot at him, and made it to his 3rd phase on our first night working on him. So after last night, only 2 bosses stand between us and the Lich King.

I started the switch to an ArP build this week also. After swapping out just a few gems, I’ve already noticed an increase in my DPS. I picked up a few more after the raid, and I’m slowly but surely getting them all changed over. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

2 Responses to “The Queen Is Dead Finally”

  1. dragonray Says:

    GRATS!!! Thats soooo exciting for you!!

    Prof is a nasty fight, but if you were getting to phase 3, you guys will get it easily enough!!

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