Don’t Feed The Trolls

Trolls, people with less life than me. Forum trolls are the lowest form of all trolls. What’s even worse, is most of the time these low lifes are too cowardly to post under their normal handles.
Everywhere you look, you’ll find a troll. GU comics did a hilarious comic about forum trolls. It really sums up everything that makes a troll… well a troll.
If you ever want to see true troll mastery, visit the WoW forums. Oh, and don’t forget to bring steel wool to scour your eyes afterwards.
Recently, Belghast’s blog Tales Of The Aggronaut was hit by a particularly nasty troll named Shagrat. Here’s what he said:


Ratshag, on April 27th, 2010 at 12:08 PM Said:

I read this post, and I see nuthin’ positives about yer 25-man raid. Is a lotta work, it destroys sanity, is stressful, is less fun, folks prefer the 10-mans, is hard fer ta coordinate different level raiders. And this is all under the current regime. So why in the name of Varian Wrynn’s dinky little ‘nads are you upset what it might die? If it’s really that craptastic, yer better off without it. And so is everyone else.


Wow someone has some issues, I think. Really, do you have nothing better to do than that? I wish I had that much free time…
I guess the good thing about my blog not being one of the bigger blogs, is that I’m not as much of a target lol. I mean seriously is your life really that empty and void of even the smallest shred of anything resembling fun? Seriously get a life kids, go outside and see the world for a while.
So until next time remember to grab your asbestos underwear, and don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


2 Responses to “Don’t Feed The Trolls”

  1. Vyll Says:

    The problem is that most intelligent posters with legitimate feedback for Blizzard won’t post on the official forums because of stuff like this. I’ve played the game since day one and have never posted on the forums other than for guild recruitment.

    Don’t argue with idiots. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience every time.


    • gweninu Says:

      I agree with you completely. It seems that for every legitimate comment, question, post or response, there are way too many QQ’s. I try not to go to the Blizzard forums if I can avoid it, for the same reason. I deal with enough stupidity on a daily basis. I don’t need it when I want to have fun. 😉

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