When You Don’t Get To Go

When you’re raiding one of the more disheartening things that can happen is getting benched. It happens, and it can suck. Be it on a farm night or a progression night, it can any time. Now when that happens you can handle it gracefully, or you can raise a stink about it.

The High Road

To put it simply, suck it up and deal with it. Yes we raid to get the gear, and to see the end game. However, some times we need to make sacrifices.

You are part of a group. Whether you realize it or not, all of the decisions are made to better the group. The mature thing to do is accept it, wish everyone luck, and find something else to do.

Yeah it sucks, you’ve were probably looking forward to going, but hey that’s life. Accepting that you didn’t get the invite with dignity will get you more invites than not.

The Low Road

Complaining, whining, and threatening will not get you invited. If anything, acting that way will make them LESS likely to invite you back. It happens to everyone, so suck it up and deal with it pork chop. If you think that being a pain in the ass to those that do the invites will endear you to them, guess again.

Speaking Up

Now if you don’t get an invite, and you want to find out why, it’s simple. Do it in a tell first. Calling someone out on the guild or chat channel will make you look bad. Be polite, no one likes to be badgered or interrogated. When it’s all done wish them good luck with the raid.

That concludes today’s lesson on raid manners and etiquette. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


5 Responses to “When You Don’t Get To Go”

  1. dragonray Says:

    Whats even more annoying is when people ask “when will i be needed next” as if I am psyhic and can tell what every member of the guild will be doing next raid night…..

    OMG I wish people would just suck it up 😀

    You have given me hope that not everyone gets pissy about being on the bench.

    • gweninu Says:

      Heh as far as getting pissy goes, I wouldn’t say I get that way. Wife can testify that I get grumpy when I don’t go lol.
      However, I will never show that to the raid officers.

      • dragonray Says:

        Lol he’ll I am gl and I get grumpy if I have to sit out 🙂 should be a rule that gl always raid no matter what! Hehe

  2. Belghast Says:

    Good writeup. At least so far you haven’t had to ride the bench too much 🙂

    • gweninu Says:

      True, true. I’ve been there, I just know some people get angry if they don’t get invited. I’ve realized this is part of the game and just something that happens.

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