A Primer For The New BM Raider

So you finally dingeded 80 a few weeks ago, and you’ve been running random heroics for massive amounts of badges. You have enough badges saved to start picking up some T9 gear, and you have the right Fluffy with you for your spec. You’re are revved up and ready for your first ever raid, right? Well… maybe…maybe not… Today we’re going to take a look at a beginners guide to BM raiding.

Hit It Like You Mean It

You can have a RAP of over 10,000 and it wont do you a lick of good if you can’t hit your target. Getting to hit cap is your #1 priority. For us that means hitting 8% or a rating of 263, UNLESS you are a space berry or have one in your group. If you fall in to this second group, then you only need 7% or a rating of 230. If you don’t have enough hit on your gear to hit the cap yet, don’t worry there are ways around that short coming. The fastest way to boost your hit is with the focused aim talent. Each point in it will give you a 1% hit bonus. If you put the full 3 points in, it will bring it down to only needing 5 or 4% hit bonus. The next thing I recommend for getting to the hit cap, is the ice walker enchant for your feet. Wonderful little enchant that gives hit and crit. Only then If you still need the hit would I start looking at gems that have hit on them.

Sparkle Sparkle…

Now as far as gemming goes, I have to agree with Rilgon from SES about gemming. Don’t worry about getting the socket bonus on the pieces. You WILL get more bang for the buck by using only Delicate Cardinal Ruby. Other than that use only enough yellows and blues to get you meta-gem.

What A Wonderful Glow You Have There

Item enchants are a huge boost to every part of you DPS. From hit to crit to hitting harder, enchants can make a big difference.
Weapon enchants are going to come in one of two flavors. Either Massacre for the 2 handed weapons or a pair of the +26 agility enchants for the duel wielding crowd out there.
Now for your head and shoulders, I hope you’ve been working on your KotEB and Sons of Hodir factions. The Knights give the best head enchant, and the Giants give the best shoulder enchant.
Now it’s time to head over to the AH or your local BS and pick up that shiny new belt buckle for the extra gem slot.
While you’re at the AH, you might as well grab a Icescale Leg Armor for the extra oomph to the legs. Don’t forget to make that you grab a heart seeker scope to better rain death upon your foes.
We’ve covered the feet already under hit, so no sense in going back there again.
Now for the hands, wrists, chest, and back look for anything that will increase your agility mainly, and other stats along the way.

We Are Here To Pump… You Up

Now we’re going to take a look at different consumables that you should bring with you, or make sure that they are available through the raid.  First thing is to make sure you bring flasks. Flasks will generally provide a better buff than using elixirs. I recommend going with the Flask of Endless Rage. If your guild or raid group has a dedicated chef or two, then they should be providing fish feasts for everyone. If they don’t, or you’re not sure if they do, feel free to drop by the AH to pick some up. If your fishing and cooking are high enough though you can make them, and bask in the additional love from the grateful masses as they nom down on your feast. Potions will provide that quick OMG effect at just the right time. Potions of Speed are a huge boost to your DPS. To get the true machine gun effect, pop one, along with rapid fire, when the shaman pops heroism…. Oh, please don’t forget that Fluffy loves his noms. His favorite ones are spiced mammoth treats.

More PewPew

Now that you’ve spec’d, gemmed, enchanted, and stocked up on treats, you’re to rock out in the raid right? Only if you are stocked up on ICC ammo. If not, get thee back to the AH and buy them, or bring the mats to your local engineer to make you some.

Well, now you’re ready. Come back soon to see the next part, the do’s and don’ts of raiding. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

3 Responses to “A Primer For The New BM Raider”

  1. Drew Says:

    Bah, that should be (two 1-handers) not (2-handed) in the comment above. Whoops!

  2. Drew Says:

    Great primer!

    If the socket bonus is good enough (and to activate the meta, IIRC), using the prismatic +10 to all stats gem is a good idea (can only have one). If you’re still short a yellow, the +20ap/+10 crit one is solid (or hit if you’re not capped).

    I prefer using the +40 AP gems as well as the +65 AP enchant on my weapons (2-handed), as opposed to the Agility ones simply because AP transfers to the pet while crit% does not. You’re getting double the itemization on AP (40 AP vs. 20 Agi).

    Your mileage may vary. 🙂

    • gweninu Says:

      I agree witht the yellow choice. However, I think that the bonus to crit from the +20 agility gems and the agility enchants more than makes up for the slightly lower AP, by increasing your crit chance.
      At least that’s how I see it. 🙂

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