This Week In Duranub

OK I’ve been playing around with my off spec recently. I decided to try a piercing shots bleed build. It worked fine in heroic 5 mans, so I decided to try it last night during the raid….
It didn’t work out… at all… I haven’t seen DPS like that since… Naxx. UGH so by the time we got to the first boss I had swapped back to BM, I left Shadowfang out since he was buffed and good to go before I swapped to Devilicious. Duranub hasn’t had a night like Tuesday in a long time. 9 bosses down in just under 2 and half hours. 8 bosses including the bonus rotten giant and VoA. Lots of tastey frost badges dropped, and we only had 2 wipes.
Loot wise….well…that’s a different story. Once again DBS refused to drop the token for us hunters. However, he did drop bringer’s Will. Of course I was out bid on it. 😦
So Thursday night rolled along and we started out as normal with knocking out the weekly quest fast and easy. From there we went and smacked our faces against Dreamwalker for the rest of the night. We are making progress and for our first night of attempts we didn’t do too bad….
So until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

One Response to “This Week In Duranub”

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