Being Sick Sucks…

Hack, Cough, wheeze… Hack, cough, wheeze… Ugh I hate getting a spring bug. The only fun part about being sick, is I usually get to catch up on lost sleep. No dice this time though. I spent all of last week out of commission. Wife needed me to run us up to pick up fabric and other crafty type things at the super sales. My oldest just got her learner’s permit, so I was supposed to take her out to practice her driving. We also had to cut out over 1000 denim squares that we sell online. All this and more while I’m sick as a dog. I felt so crappy this week I passed on both raids and didn’t even look at FFXIII.

Once a gaming geek always a gaming geek…

I loving gaming of all types. I’ve played all kinds. From D&D, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 40K, even LARPing. I’ve been a dice chucker, card flopper, mini mover and more.

MtG was a major addiction for me at one point. Not only was it addictive, but I had a blast playing it also. I was a player, but more than that, I was a collector. At one point, I think I had close to 20,000 cards in my collection. I didn’t have all the sets. I didn’t have the most rare and expensive cards. I was hopelessly addicted to opening the packs. I would buy the booster packs by the box full, and I would rip in to them like a man possessed. I loved the thrill of finding out what rares, uncommon, extra rares I would find.

Why this walk down memory lane? It’s the WoW:TCG. I’ve picked up packs here and there, but never as bad as I was with MTG. I kept hoping to get an in game item or a pet or a mount. The cost helped to keep the addiction in check for the most part, not to mention they aren’t the easiest to find in my area. However, that changed one night in Wal-Mart. Several months ago, while we were at Wal-Mart, I decided to pick up a pack or two. Then I saw it. They had boxes of booster packs for $20 each. I shakily picked up one box, and Wife popped the other two in to the cart when my back was turned for me. 🙂 Well since then its been a fight to not go wild on eBay to buy any and all booster boxes, to rip into the shiny shiny packages…

Off The Wagon, And Loving It

Well between the cold meds and lack of sleep I fell off the card wagon hardcore. I picked up a box of Heroes of Azeroth, and a box of Blood of the Gladiator. Well I suppose it could have been worse. I could’ve picked up a spectral tiger…

So now I wait checking the mail to see if my shinies are here yet. If the RNG Gods smile upon me, I’ll end up with several loot cards. Then there’s all the UDE points to spend on Lando’s Pet boxes. Maybe I’ll get lucky and the RNG gods will smile upon me and gimme an etherial trader or a dragon kite pet….

So until next time don’t forget to send more booster packs… errr… ummm reload I mean, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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