What Does GC Think Of BM DPS…


Couple of things this week. First off wiping on Rotface at 5% when you have 24 people repeatedly is truly frustrating. Alas real life sometimes likes to smack you in the face like it was your pimp. However I did end up getting a nice little upgrade last week Wodin’s Lucky Necklace.

So according to MMO-Champion, 3.3.3 should hit the live servers this week. That’s good news for us BM hunters. FI will become an aura, our steady shots will do 9% more damage, and Fluffys of the world will get the ICC buff also. GC also chimed in on BM hunters in the forums to share his views and opinions on where we stand in terms of BM’s DPS in comparison to other hunter hunter specs.

From MMO-Champion

Hunter (Forums / Talent Calculator)
Beast Mastery in 3.3.3
So what are you saying about those players who estimate BM will be very close to Survival with the changes? Are they wrong? If so, talk to them instead. We don’t really expect the community to come to a consensus on anything, but on the other hand, when some players are saying "they’re close" and some players are saying "they’re not" then more than likely, someone is wrong. Smiley
Again, if you really like BM, you should be able to raid as BM with this change. Your raid leader may ask you to respec for the hardest Icecrown fights, but if you’re on those fights, then you’re probably used to being asked to make specific changes in order to maximize even the most marginal efficiency gains. At that point "close enough" might not be enough. At that point swapping for a 1% dps gain might be worth it. We’re not going to get every class within 1% of each other in every situation, and players on that content know that.
On the other hand, if you’ve been wiping on normal Festergut for the last four weeks then I can almost promise you that swapping from BM to MM is not what’s going to suddenly buy you success. (

Ferocious Inspiration in 3.3.3
In 3.3.2, Ferocious Inspiration rank 3 says: When your pet scores a critical hit, all party and raid members have all damage increased by 3% for 10 sec. In addition, increases the damage dealt by Arcane Shot by 9%.
In 3.3.3, Ferocious Inspiration rank 3 says: All party and raid members have all damage increased by 3% within 100 yards of your pet. In addition, increases the damage dealt by Arcane Shot and Steady Shot by 9%. (

Theorycrafting hunter specs in 3.3.3
Using something like Shandara’s dps spreadsheets in 3.3.3, yields something like 15,000 for Marks, and 13,500 for Survival and BM. BM may be slightly below, but it’s not by much, and given that this is a spreadsheet and not a raid parse, I think it’s safe to assume that’s within the human margin for error.
There was a recent interview with two of Paragon’s hunters in which they offered that they thought BM and SV were close and MM was maybe 1500 ahead in best gear. That’s pretty consistent with the numbers I pulled out of the air above.
If you think sources like that are in error, feel free to bring that up. But you kinda need to do so before saying "every spreadsheet model" etc. point to a massive disparity. (Assuming what you’re arguing about here was my saying BM and SV are close.)
Ideally all three numbers are 15,000 and that’s a good if probably unrealistic goal to shoot for. In the mean time, BM should be close enough to Survival that you can raid with it, given that there are plenty of Survival hunters raiding today. If you don’t get anywhere near 15,000 dps today (and current hunters are closer to 11 to 12K as highest dps in Icecrown), then the delta is likely to be even smaller, perhaps below 1K. (

So GC thinks that if you want to raid as BM, you should be able to, that’s good. He also acknowledges that we are not as high a DPS spec as MM, as if that was something new. He does make a good point about switching specs though, if you don’t have the skill to play your class then the most OP spec in the world will not help you at all.

The other big thing that he said was that we should be close to survival in DPS, and that both specs will be behind MM. That’s a new view from the powers on high. GC had promised a pony, we didn’t get it yet, but he gave us a mule. Close, but not quite the same. Now all they need to do, is give us better pet scaling, and we can give MM a run for the money. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo. 


2 Responses to “What Does GC Think Of BM DPS…”

  1. Drew Says:

    Excellent news. Maybe there will be a little less BM-hate out there; although it’s kinda fun disheartening the other PuG hunters we occasionally pick up and kicking them in the teeth with my DPS. 🙂

    • gweninu Says:

      True, it is fun watching the look on the other DPS’s faces when I’m #1 as “only” a BM hunter… However the hate isn’t going to let up anytime soon since we’re no longer the highest DPS spec.

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