View From The 3.3.3 PTR Part 2

Ok, I finally got around to finishing up testing the changes to FI on the PTR this weekend. So without further ado lets take a look at the results shall we?

Overall damage and DPS on the live server

live rot

Now for the PTR

ptr rot

OK, so over all my total DPS went up by 109.8. Not too bad of a boost to our DPS. With raid buffs that should make quite a difference. Now next lets take a look at how the damage broke down per shot.

Live Server

live rot bd


ptr rot bd

So on the live server, I fired off 10 more shots than on the PTR, 585 on live and 575 on PTR.  However, even with that difference, the changes to SS increased its percent of over all damage by 1.5%.

Each shot on the live server averaged 1702.3 damage, and with a shot speed of 1.29 seconds gave an average DPS of 1319.3 per shot.

Each shot on the PTR averaged 1912.9 damage, with a shot speed of 1.29 seconds  gave an average DPS per shot of 1482.8.

This is an increase of 163.5 DPS averaged per shot. Not to shabby in my opinion. Now the changes aren’t game breaking. They won’t push us over the top back to the best raid spec again. As much as I would love for that to happen, we’re still a long way off from that. However, this is a step in the right direction. With the right buffs, and pet management this will give us that increase that we need. Now all we have to do is keep Fluffy up and nomming away on the mobs and we can show those nonbelievers that we can do the DPS and we are a competitive spec.  So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

2 Responses to “View From The 3.3.3 PTR Part 2”

  1. Drew Says:

    Excellent – thanks for the test results!

    Also, of note, pets will get the ICC buff in 3.3.3. which will help keep us from falling even farther behind in that raid.

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