When The Machine Gods Aren’t Happy With You…

Ok, I’ve been trying to run a base line test on the PTR for basic damage. The plan is/was/will be to shoot 2000 rounds at the practice dummy just using auto shot. This should in practice give me a good start to checking out if FI and AE are stacking, and if so are they doing it right. Now all I need is for the PTR to stay up for me. After  a few minutes it keeps having a fatal crash. It would seem that the work they did on the 5th didn’t fix it and now I’m also crashing when I mount up also. With all the crashes on the PTR so far, I decided to hop on the live server, and run an all auto shot test. I fired off 2000 shots at the dummy while Dev nommed away on it. Now if the PTR will ever stay on long enough, I can then run a 2000 shot auto shot test with and without a mage in the group. I’ll be able to see if the 3% bonus from FI being on all the time is working right, and if FI stacks with AE. So it has come to the point where I’ve decided to uninstall the PTR and try to reinstall it.

On other news, DRC is slowly but surely making progress through ICC. Thursday night we had our first 25 man Festergut kill and started taking shots Rotface. So  it won’t be long till we start smacking the Prof around, and the rest of the wings. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


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