Time To Choose


I’ve been torn as of late, with which spec I should be using, and which pet I should use. At heart I am a BM hunter ready to rip through the enemy with my trusty companion; MM is is just my secondary spec.Duranub is slowly but surely working our way through ICC, and I’ve been swapping specs back and forth. I know I’ve started to fall behind on the gear and DPS checks. I missed several raids when my account was hacked, so I missed out on 2 weeks worth of DKP. Due to time constraints, I can’t always run a random heroic everyday. I also don’t have  the time to join in on either of the 2 10 mans that DRC has recently started. So while others are raking in the badges, mine are slowly trickling in.Right now, time is my biggest problem. I need a clone, Wife agrees with me on that one.

Anyways, the point that I’m trying to make is I need to make a decision. Do I keep BM as my main spec for raiding? Do I say forget it and go with MM? I enjoy BM a lot more than I enjoy MM. If I keep going BM, which pet do I use? I know that Devilicious’s DPS is higher than Sushi’s, but I like the look and feel of Sushi better. Ugh my head hurts.
Then there’s the progress that we’re making. Marrowmar, Lady Gaga, and Gunship are all on farm status. We’re killing Saurfang, but he’s not on farm status yet. We’ve started on The Plagueworks, and I know my gear isn’t as good as most of the DPS. So it comes down to how I spec for now.

The easy part for us is over. Now it’s time to hunker down, and start to really think it through. Since we’ve been in ICC, I’ve been slowly slipping. I went from being top 5, to lucky if I finish in the top 10. So what’s a pure DPS class to do? I bite the bullet and go MM, for now at least.

However, all of that can and will change. We ran the weekly raid quest, ToC and then headed off to ICC to start on The Plaugeworks on Thursday night. I stayed as BM and my DPS was higher, and I finished in the top 5 for over all DPS for the night. Ummmmm wow, so maybe I will stay BM. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo


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