What I Learned The Hard Way This Week…

Well it’s been a crappy week for me in Azeroth. As you might have read, I was hacked on Saturday. I called customer service when I got home from work, to make sure that my account had been re-secured. Well after spending over an hour on hold, I spoke to a gentleman who went through the process and then informed me I would need to submit a ticket to a GM in game to get my account restored.

Well let’s just say its been a nightmare since then.I submitted my first ticket Saturday night, and never received a response back from it. Come Sunday, I was tired of waiting and ended up submitting a second ticket. Lo and behold, over 8 hours later I finally received an answer, kinda, sorta more like a form letter. Wanna know a way you can tell you just received a form letter from a lazy GM? Well in the letter there’s a part where they tell you it will be”[X] days” and your account was created on “[DATE]”. Yep, that’s right. Those are exact quotes from the letter I received. Wow, when the GM is so lazy that he can’t even take the time to clear the brackets and put anything in there at all… Well it doesn’t leave you feeling all that confident about them fixing your issue does it. Anyways towards the end of the form letter it said that I would be receiving an email about this in a few hours.

Well come Monday I still hadn’t heard back from anyone or received the the magic email about this. So,I waited all day on Monday without hearing anything. I waited until around 4 a.m. on Tuesday and nothing. Tuesday night came and went, still no new information. Now it’s Wednesday, and nothing yet. Belghast was restored in 12 hours when he was hacked. My daughter was restored in 4 days. I’m finishing up day 5, and I still haven’t even received an email updating me about jackshit. Wow…Just wow…

I practice safe surfing. I don’t click on gold ads. I run AVG religiously. I run CCleaner and Malwarebytes every 2 weeks. Nothing starts or stops without me knowing. I use a complex password. All of this wasn’t enough to keep me from getting hacked. The only thing I didn’t use was the authenticator. I was planning on picking one up on that Saturday. I wish I had gotten one sooner. Kids get one, me the $6.50 is worth it.

So now I wait dreading the restore process. Wow.com has an excellent series of articles, here, about what I’m about to go through. All of this makes me a sad panda. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.

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