Well it happened today… I got the word from Wife who in an email asked me if I was spamming WoW from work, cause if I wasn’t then I’d been….HACKED! Sigh…yep new computer, no add ons yet, no torrents, nothing. Somehow, I picked up a key logger I guess. Yep nothing quiet like getting that news at work, when you’re powerless to do anything. But you want to know what the real kicker is, we were just talking about how I should pick up an authenticator. I know, I know I should have had one a long time ago, I’ve known too many people who have been hacked, and it looks like I might be the latest victim. Keep an eye out for updates….


Yep I got hacked. One toon naked, no money at all, no ammo at all if it was BoA or couldn’t be sold they got it. At least Gwen still had all of her gear. Now it’s just a matter of waiting on hold to talk to Blizz to start the restore process.


Logging on right now, I hope that I’ll hear from a GM soon so the restoration can begin.


Well over 24 hours later and I received a form letter from the GMs in-game stating that my issue is being looked into and I should be receiving an email from them in a few hours to get the process going. I know the GMs are busy and all, but they couldn’t even take the brackets out of “[X] days” or “[DATE] of creation”. So now I wait.

On the plus side though I was able to get enough gold scraped together to get ammo, food, drink and flight path money, so I was able to run some random heroics today to raise some cash.

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