Pugs? Ugh…

Remember how I said I was having great luck with pugs using the new LFG tool? Well scratch that. I have had nothing but bad luck over the past few days. Tanks that cant hold aggro, healer that have trouble healing, people afking for free badges, and other such jackassery…

I swear I am sick and tired of not being able to finish Occulus. Every single time I get a group for that damn instance, either the tank or healer bails on that group. That starts the chain, and soon it’s back to waiting another 15 minutes before I can queue up again. I swear, if you don’t want to take a chance on getting in there for the love of god, don’t freaking queue up for a random heroic. That’s the reason that they give you the option to sign up for specific instances. Use that damn option and quit fucking around ya jackass.

Then there’s the AFKers who will do nothing but sponge up badges. I was in one today with 3 members from a high end guild, and they were geared out the ass. My DK’s gear is getting better, slowly but surely, but he’s still way under geared. He actually was out DPSing the mage,who said I’m going AFK for a while guys. Then there was the tank. I have never seen a pally tank that was that sloppy. We kept wiping in CoS for god’s sake. The only instance easier is Nexus. Damn, seriously.

Out of the 6 pugs I ran today 3 of them were complete epic fails, more in one day then the entire time 3.3 has been out. Sigh, well maybe things will be better tomorrow. So until next time don’t forget to reload, so you don’t run out of ammo.


2 Responses to “Pugs? Ugh…”

  1. Kamalee Says:

    if your group is really annoying I figured that hard-quiting WoW will get you removed from group via vote in minutes, no deserter, no need to wait to queue again ;P

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