Please Stand By…

Sigh I love computers… especially when they work. Right now I am in the process of reinstalling WoW again. See Wife got me a laptop for Christmas this year. Of course the first thing I did before I even had an antivirus on was to install WoW, and of course all of my add ons. Now here it is just over 2 weeks later and once again I am watching the install bar move at a snail’s pace, hoping that after it is all said and done this will be the last time I need to do this. I’ve been having a problem where the whole system freezes up. When it locks up, the 3 finger salute will not even let it go. I’m forced at that point to do a hard shut down. So it’s been slowly getting worse, and I finally broke down and called tech support…shudder… So here I sit reinstalling everything after they had me do a factory restore, a good old fashion disk wiping. Now hopefully this will be done soon and I can hop back on and work on getting more badges and gear for everyone. So until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.

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