Finding The Balance In Life


Balance. Not a boom chicken, but balance in life. That’s the secret. Trying to find that magic fulcrum where everything balances with the precision of a Cirque du Soleil performer.It’s the magical nirvana that everyone seeks. Playing WoW is no different. Looking for the perfect balance between game time and real life. Sometimes to find that perfect harmony, you have to learn to give up a little bit of one for the other. Other times to find that sweet spot in your life, you have to make the big decision, and give up something completely.


This year we saw several great blogs do just that. BRK, Resto4Life, Slow Wolf, Big Red Rhino were just a few.

Am I giving up WoW… no. Have I been cutting back…yes. Wife hardly logs on anymore, she has moved on to other things for the time being. She still logs on every now and then, mainly for the holidays. As for me, it’s mainly for raid nights and Sundays when I get a "Dave’s Day Off" and there isn’t any running that needs done or fires that need put out. Do I miss playing as much as I used to? Well yes and no. We recently started having a movie night with the girls on Fridays, where each week someone chooses a different movie for us to watch that week. But there are some night, that I would love to just jump on and blow off some steam, instead of finishing up various tasks around the house. Am I complaining? No. I love my family and will always put them first. I guess I am closer to nirvana than I thought. Well until next time keep searching for the happy balance that you’re missing in your life, and don’t for get to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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