Changes Are Refreshing…


Thursday night Duranub took a break from Ulduar and did something different. We spent the night at the Trials of Crusader at the Argent Coliseum. All that I can say is, we not only had a blast, but it was one of our best nights in a long time. We tore through the beasts of Northrend… we sent the big ol eradar packing… we showed the Horde’s champions how to fight. The twins gave us a little bit of trouble though,  and that was mainly because only some of us had seen the fight before. We clipped there wings with ease on the 2nd try. By the time we got to Anubrah’kan it was time to call it a night, but decided to give him a try anyways and got him down to 73% on our first try on him. Our first night in ToC was fantabulous, and the dkp and gear was flowing like candy on Halloween. It was a great change of pace and a huge boost too the moral of DRC.

See, we have been having a problem with consistency as of late. We have a high turn over of players and lost quite a few excellent raiders, and a few bad ones, over time. Now I know players come and go, it’s part of the game. I also know that summer time is a ruff time to raid, with school out and most people going on vacation. DRC’s have persisted after this. There have been nights where we have started 30 minutes later than planned while trying to scrape together enough people to raid.

Recently we have had a turn of good luck with a massive influx of new blood. This is a very good thing. We didn’t have to scrape and scrounge up enough people to get the raid going. In fact, we actually started early on Tuesday. The only downside that I’ve seen so far is the lack of gear. We have some new raiders who are in a mix of blues and purples. Luckily I’ve noticed that ToC is much more forgiving in the gear check department than Ulduar. We have hit a wall in Ulduar. We have been having nothing but trouble in Ulduar, and we have yet to clear more more than 2 of the 4 watchers. We haven’t even seen Mimrod or Thorim yet.I’m hoping that with us farming Ony, and working our way through ToC, we will be able to get the gear that we need for everyone, so we can finally clear Ulduar, or start hitting Ice Crown when it hits the live servers. I can only hope that we keep working on ToC for a while so we can gear up faster and faster.

So until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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