An Open Letter To Blizzard

Dear Ghostcrawler and Co.,

Why do you hate us? I mean it in a seriously joking, angry manner. I mean if it’s not one thing it’s another. It started out with queues long enough for me to go mow my lawn and take a shower and still be in line way back in the days of vanilla. Then you fixed it by adding more servers. You said you were sorry and gave us free game time as a make up gift. Eventually the queue boss raised its ugly head again. Not quiet as bad, but still very bad. How bad was it you ask GC? Well when I would leave work, I would call Wife to and have her go ahead and sign us in. Now mind you it’s about 45 minutes to an hour drive home for me, and usually there would still be a small queue left when I got home. So you fixed it by opening more server transfers.

Now flash forward to 2009. No longer is the ice stone melting, but we have had even bigger problems.It started with the account merges. You knew we would start merging our accounts to get the battlebot pet. Before the massive increase in accounts there was the occasional issue with those accounts being able to log in.Then the first Thursday night after Blizzcon, and the new announcements, it happened. You brought half of the servers down during prime time for emergency maintenance, and in the process you took out a good amount of accounts! WTF, soon you are going to want ALL WoW accounts to be accounts too? You have a hard enough time keeping the accounts that have already merged from crashing all the time.

Then there’s the problem with trying to get into the instances. You have said that you have the issue resolved on over 75% of the servers. Funny thing is I spent almost 10 minutes today trying to get into Mana Tomb. I finally said screw it and went to work on my death knight instead. Seriously guys and gals is this what we’re paying for? Constantly getting kicked, bugs left and right, and server instability? Come on you can, and have, done better than that.



Please, I’m begging you, on not only my behalf, but also on behalf on the rest of the 12 million players out there. Please fix the issues that we all are having. I know you have a lot of irons in the fire right now, but shouldn’t you fix what’s broken first?


Gweninu and Sushi

P. S.

Oh, and Sushi also wants you to make spirit beasts as good if not better than devilsaurs.

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