Cataclysmic Changes Are Coming… Eventually…

BlizzCon has come and gone again, but this year at least I was able to watch some of it live. Seems until they decide to have a BlizzCon out on the east coast, the best I can do is get the live stream and watch bits and pieces. So the biggest news was of course Cataclysm. Lots and lots of changes are supposed to be coming down the pipeline when it lands.

New Races

They were right at mmo-champion, we will be getting 2 new races the worgen for the Alliance, and the goblins for the Horde. I was excited when the rumors of the Alliance getting the worgen came out, and sort of meh about the goblins. has the official race class combo line up here. It looks like I was almost right on all accounts. I was wrong about both priests and druids, the puppies they will get both of them. As for shammies… well I was undecided and looks like Blizz said no to puppy shaman. I am excited about worgen hunters and cant wait to see all new hunters with their wolf pets named jr, or sonny or something along that line lol. Now as far as the goblins go, at first I didn’t care about them one way or the other. Now though I’m intrigued by them. The lore and class combos definitely worth taking a look at. However, it’s their racials that really got me to be excited about them.

Hunter Changes

Wow… That’s all I can say. We have some major changes in store for us when Cataclysm breaks. Everything we knew is going to change. Mana, armor pen, haste, agility, attack power, and talent trees nothing will be the same.

Mana is going away. that’s right no longer will we have to worry about running out on mana, or being killed by mana burn. Now we are going to be getting Focus. That’s right, we lose the blue bar and get the yellow bar. Blizz stated that focus will regenerate at a set 6 per second. Haste is, in theory, going to increase the regen rate for us. They have stated that steady shot is going to increase our focus regen from 6 to 12 per second.

Armor pen is going away. So every marksman armor pen build is going away. Instead every class is getting a new stat called mastery. Mastery is going to be tied into your talent build to give you different passive bonuses based on your build.

Attack power will no longer be a stat on gear. You heard me right. Instead we will be going old school =). Us old farts who were here back when MC was the “hottest” thing around remember stacking agility. Back then, we would stack agility and drop other gear no matter what other stats were on it. Why might you ask? Simple. We would get 2 RAP for every 1 agility. Blizz decided to bring back the old way, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The talent trees are staying 51 points deep. I’m fine with that. I’ve lost track of the times I wished I had just 5 more talent points to finish up a particular build. They also said that they are going to be reworking all the existing talents. Now all they have to do is make beast mastery a more viable raiding tree and fix exotic pets… We are also going to be getting new passive bonuses based on what talents and how far we go into certain trees.

There are even more changes coming, but I’ll get into those at another time. So it seems that good things are coming our way hunters, even though  the world is about to end. So until next time, don’t forget to reload so you don’t run out of ammo.


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