Well, Tuesday was the first time since 3.2 hit that I’ve had a chance to raid, and it was worth the wait. We were a little short on DPS, and had to bring in Wife and a few new people to round us out. Everything went very smoothly once we got started for the rest of the night.

The RNG decided to smile on us last night. Nothing was sharded and many upgrade were had. Most importantly though, both Wife and I received big upgrades, hers was way bigger than mine though ;). The Shoulders of Misfortune dropped from one of the trash packs on the way to Kolo, and she won it with ease. As for me, well after almost 12 weeks of killing Kolo, I finally got Giant’s Bane!! Of course I haven’t been able to use it yet. I had the new scope in my bag, so I was ready there. Ammo, ummm…. yeah I kinda forgot to grab the 3 stacks of mammoth cutter out of the bank before the raid last night….DOH! So until next time, don’t forget to reload (like I did this week) so you don’t run out of ammo.


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